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Policy Issues the Trump Administration will be facing in 2017

Policy Issues the Trump Administration will be facing in 2017
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On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America.

President Trump will face many challenges during his first year as president. This includes Foreign Policy, Illegal immigration, economic growth, and global trade. As most American’s know the country is suffering from government corruption, lost wars, and wasteful spending by government leaders in power.  Most American’s hope that Donald Trump can fix these serious issues facing the nation in 2017.

List of Wars in the world

Around the globe, wars are starting to increase, which can draw the United States into these conflicts. In the Middle East, there is war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. In Europe, Russia is still fighting in Eastern Ukraine. In Asia, the Chinese are still controlling the South China Sea. These conflicts can increase to dangerous levels because America could be fighting in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East at the same time.

The best hope for the new Trump Administration is that ISIS is defeated by Russia and the Syrian army in Syria. In Iraq, the Iraqi army might be able to defeat ISIS. With the collapse of ISIS in these regions, ISIS troops should withdraw from Afghanistan. With ISIS nearly defeated in the year of 2017, this would be a major accomplishment for the Trump Administration without doing anything.

In Europe, Trump wants to have better relations with Russia to solve issues such as terrorism around the world. If the 45th president can figure a better way to improve ties with Russia, this might solve the problem of the Ukrainian crises.

In Asia, the South China Sea conflict can become the most dangerous issue for the Trump Administration. It can lead to a major war with China and maybe North Korea if Trump pushes too hard on the one China policy and the South China Sea. It is important that the South China Sea controversy is treated with care and smart policy making to ensure the United States doesn’t embroil into major war according to theguardian.com.  At the same time, American foreign policy provides that China follows international law by removing their military out of the South China Sea.

The list of wars in the world is starting to increase. It is important that military and foreign policy advisers are prepared to deal with these serious conflicts. If the continuing trend continues, then America will be like every dying empire. Too many wars and wasteful spending can bring the fall of the great American empire.

Illegal Immigration Problems & Illegal Immigration Deportation

One major issue with the United States government is the question how to deal with illegal immigration. Both political parties in the past have agreed to a legal path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. That position has changed with the rise of Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.

According to many statistics, an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the United States according to pewresearch.org. Other statistics show that there might be 20 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. Apparently, the government can’t keep track how many are coming into the country, which is a significant national security issue.  The biggest question that needs to be asked is how Donald Trump and the Republican Party going to deal with immigration policy.

The American people clearly understand that he is going to build the wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. He is going to enforce illegal immigration policy on criminals who violate the law, which is critical to national security. The biggest question, what about the ones who cross the border illegally, but do not break laws in the homeland? What is going to happen to them during the Trump Administration?

This is an important question because if they are not deported, then this still leaves the door open to the continuation of illegal immigrants trying to come into the country. This increases the danger of terrorism, disease, cheap labor, and other threats crossing the border. The border is not the only issue, but people who come from Europe and Asia and overstay their visa become an undocumented immigrant. Let’s hope that there is an answer to illegal immigration for people who do not break law in the homeland does not go unanswered.

Factors of Economic Growth & Global Trade Issues

The most know quality is president Trumps business skills to help grow the economy. Like most people know wasteful government spending affects all types of projects.  Running the government like a business might be the best solution to fixing government spending and reducing taxpayer money going to government programs. Just achieving that would help the economy by saving millions to billions of dollars for taxpayers. This might allow the Trump Administration to do a significant tax cut for American citizens. This would be a success to building the economy from better money management, but along with smart planning how to get better trade deals.

As a business man maybe Trump can improve better relations with Cuba to improve trade. During the campaign, many Republicans question President Obama’s closer ties to Cuba, but establishing a better relationship with Cuba can bring the importance of trade between the two countries.  Cuba has old American cars and might want new American cars and other products according to telegraph.co.uk.  Their infrastructure across their country is falling apart, but America might be able to supply material to help them rebuild their nation. A new trade agreement between the two countries might be beneficial to America.

The combination of good money management and good trade deals can uplift America financially, which is so important for the American people. The 45th president is the making point or breaking point when it comes to the deficit. The Trump Administration is the last hope for a wealthy country or a nation on a financial downfall.

Together these policy issues during the Trump Administration can be complex in 2017. The conflict of war and peace is on the line. How illegal immigrants who do not break the law and how are they going to be deported? The other question is how economic growth and better trade deals going to improve the average American financially. These are going to be some of the major policy issues that will be facing the Trump Administration in the year of 2017.

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