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Is The Political Process Failing America

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America might be destroying its self-internal from political fighting between the two parties.

Both sides are not working with each other, and even worst the Republican Party can’t even work together to get a health bill pass according to theblaze.com. On the other hand, why is the Democratic Party happy that our president is failing, if our president is failing then the country is suffering. The people who never win are the American people because of this two party system. Together these parties have fought against each other to see, which one is right or wrong. In the end, it is just hurting America domestically and globally.

As we already know, America is in a period of decline militarily and economically. The 20 trillion dollar deficit and raises powers such as North Korea, Russia and China are testing America globally. It is more important now than ever that politicians work together to solve issues to fix domestic and foreign problems.

Continuing the path of our political system will only destroy America, and we will go down like every other great empire in history. For example, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, and other great empires all collapsed. To ensure that we do not collapse is to press both political parties, but also maybe voting for a third party to replace one of those parties.

Another way people can fight back is to boycott businesses that support politicians for their benefit, but not help the general public. For example, if a company wants open borders or an increase in work Visas, those companies should be boycotted by the people by not purchasing their products in their stores. In return, this should start to make politicians change their mind, or they might lose their job, businesses might become bankrupt.

Boycotting companies and voting out corrupt politicians is the key to changing Washington. It will only work if it is a team effort. By creating a movement, this will stop companies by tricking you, because they will reverse their position on supporting illegal immigration and work VISAs by not lobbying to politicians for these policies. For example, computer companies might employ you when you have a four-year college degree in computer science. Then they say we can’t find enough people for this position and ask the government for work Visas to find workers for that field.

In return, this degrades the price for American workers, because of this cheap labor from India. According to a statistic from bloomberg.com, 64 percent of H-1B Visas were granted to Indians in 2012. These job positions that these Indians take over is high skilled jobs.

In the end, it is up to the American people to take a strong stand against corrupt corporations and corrupt politicians. Without taking a firm position now and not uniting as American’s without any party affiliation, we will collapse. The election of Donald Trump was one step forward, but it doesn’t stop companies and politicians trying to destroy America, we must continue to push harder to fight for all people living in America.

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