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Prepare For World War III

Prepare For World War III
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Has the fuse been lighted to start World War III? The death of Otto Warmbier from North Korea is shocking to most Americans, but the shooting down of a Syrian jet fighter in Syria by America is probably as equally shocking too because it increases tensions across the World. These tensions will only increase the chances of global World War.

Is the United States prepare for World War. If the United States chooses to start another war in the Middle East, America might be stuck there forever and never leave the Middle East. America is fighting in a sovereign nation of Syria, where the United States did not receive permission from the Syrian government to be in the country.

Starting a new war in Syria might mean starting a war with Russia, Syria, and Iran. This means the Middle East can become more dangerous. What if Iran chooses to invade Saudi Arabia and Russia helps them. What if Iran invades Iraq and Russia backs them. Of course, this is not the only issue Americans have to think of because what if North Korea invades South Korea, while we are fighting in Syria at the same time.

Another war for America is most likely the death of the American empire. If Russia teams up with China and North Korea, then it will be a world war. The only issue does America have the political will, military strength, and economic will to fight wars in the Middle East and Asia.

Is the United States pushing too far in its objectives? To shoot down a Syrian fighter jet is very serious according to independent.co.uk. We already know American foreign policy inside the Middle East has been terrible. We removed Saddam Hussein, and it was a failure. We removed Qaddafi from Libya, and it was a failure. Still trying to remove Assad from power will only increase terrorism just like Iraq and Libya.

It will create a terrorist state right by NATO, which will increase terrorist entering NATO countries. It is best that America continues to fight ISIS in Iraq, but allow Russia, Syria, and Iran to fight against ISIS in Syria. If not, then America needs to prepare for World War starting in the Middle East.

America might have an advantage in fighting in Syria because Russia has to go through Turkey by passing the Aegean Sea to send supplies to Syria. If America along with NATO allies cut off the opening to allow Russia to supply military equipment to Syria, then America might win in Syria if America chooses to start a war in Syria. On the other hand, Asia might become very dangerous because America doesn’t have strong allies in the region.

The death of Otto which North Korea intended to send a strong and powerful message to America was to show what will happen if America messes with North Korea according to foxnews.com. This message is profoundly troubling because a war in Syria might mean a war in South Korea. South Korea is surrounded by China, North Korea, and Russia. South Korea relates on the American military for support, which will be a drain because America by law has to protect Japan. Japan has a limited military capability because of their constitution. They are very limited in how many troops they can have, Navy is limited, and air force is also limited because of the treaty signed between the United States and Japan after World War II.

The United States needs to choose the proper strategy to go all in militarily inside of Syria, and then America might be fighting many wars in Asia against strong military powers. As a result, the United States Army can be overstretched, under man, and spending a lot of money fighting wars.

The biggest issue should America start a peace draft and other forms of military readiness for conventional warfare. America might not start a war, but should we be preparing right now in case if a major war breaks out tomorrow. We live in scary times; let’s hope that major war in Asia and the Middle East doesn’t happen.
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