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Pushing North Korea Can Be A Bad Idea

Pushing North Korea Can Be a Bad Idea
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The country of North Korea might be the next Powder Keg to start World War III.

The reason North Korean society is ready for war against the United States, and its  Allies is because no peace treaty has not been signed between the two parties at the end of the Korean War. Technically, the Korean War has never ended; as a result, North Korean society is ready for war at any point.

All boys age 14 years old must start their military training because it keeps every male prepared for war. Most of the population is brainwashed by propaganda to fight against America and its allies. They also have a very dangerous leader that is unpredictable Kim Jong Un. This is why it has been hard to solve the Korean issues.

America should be very careful when approaching the North Korean problem. China and Russia are very close to the country and can back North Korea in case it gets invaded. During the Korean War, America had a very tough fight against North Korea and almost lost that war. In the end, both sides did not lose or win, but it was a tie. This might give some evidence that America could lose when it come to repeating history. American strategy should focus on building up allies and providing military aid to countries that are in endanger by North Korea.

The problem with current American policy it kind of looks similar to Japanese strategy during WWII when we cut off oil to the Japanese. As a result, Japan invaded more countries in Asia to find natural resources to keep its empire growing according to history.com. Pushing North Korea into a corner might push them to invade South Korea and Japan to gain resources. We do not know if China has supplied them with advanced military equipment, which could increase the danger by their military.

On the other hand, North Korea must stop their Nuclear and Missile Program. America is relying on China to solve the North Korean problem, which can become a grave mistake. Can you trust China to do the job of stopping North Korea?They might be tricking the United States again with fake promises. The Chinese government has been playing the United States when it comes to economic warfare by creating trade deficits, removing factories, and created unemployment in the United States. Second, Cyber warfare has continually been used by China, which has cost the United States 300 billion dollars a year according to freebeacon.com. Also, don’t forget China has taken the South China Sea.

These are all hostile moves by the Chinese government. The Chinese government has just finished their Second aircraft carrier according to yahoo.com. This growing power appears to be growing in strength by the day. The only good thing is China lacks experience in warfare. China’s last major war was in 1979 against Vietnam according to www.wikipedia.org. When it does come to fighting China, if America chooses to fight against North Korea, China has very little experience outside its border. This is a great benefit to the United States. There is also another threat to think of if America or North Korea starts war and that country is Mother Russia.

Russia is very close to North Korea and is very close to the United States when it comes to Alaska. Russia has been fighting in Ukraine and Syria, which means they have the military experience to fight against the United States if America or North Korea starts a war in Peninsula. Russia has also threatened aircraft carriers, Alaska, and American naval ships, by flying Russian jets close to these targets.

These two powers will try everything to stop America if war breaks out in the Peninsula. Some experts believe that South Korea can be conquered by North Korea quickly. This also might lead to an invasion of Japan. If Japan is defeated, then the West Coast of the United States is threatened. This event can happen tomorrow, but only if Russia and China back North Korea through proxy wars or get involved militarily.

The best strategy is to keep on supplying Japan, South Korea, and other American Asian  Allies by providing massive military aid and helping Asian allies by providing military training. This will contain China, North Korea, and Russia in Asia. Japan should be allowed to have up to 500,000 troops instead of 100,000. Japan’s small army might be able to be defeated easily if invaded by China, North Korea, and Russia. America should make it law that every male that turns 18 years old or graduates from high school must do one year of military service in the Western states. This would increase manpower in case of a major war in North Korea and Asia.

By increasing our manpower, helping allies with heavy military equipment and training their armies, North Korea and its allies should be put in checked by containment. This way America keeps its power in Asia, instead of possibly losing it if there is war. Let’s hope that both sides find a solution peacefully.

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