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Russia VS the United States In the 21st Century

Russia VS the United States In the 21st Century
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The Russian government is feeling that it is under threat from American aggression. In 2008, Russia invaded Georgia to prevent NATO membership in that country. In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimea from Ukraine and invaded the east part of Eastern Ukraine. The reason behind that invasion was to prevent NATO membership in Ukraine. In 2015, Russia entered the Syrian conflict to defend its ally Assad from being overthrown by the United States. In 2019, Venezuela is under threat from American military operation being conducted in that country. Venezuela is a Russian ally that might be under threat from invasion. America and Russia are pulling out of the INF treaty which will increase tensions between these two nations. The Russian military has countered back three times successful in Syria, Ukraine, and Georgia. If the United States continues to poke at Russia, then it can lead to a stronger aggressive Russia with a combat experience military to launch offensive invasions to seek revenge.

The United States has contained Russia successful for decades. The NATO alliance would keep Russia in check if Russia wanted to invade Europe. American military bases in Japan and South Korea put containment on Russia in the Pacific ocean. These are smart military tactics by the United States to keep the Russian military threat in check. However, making illogic military decisions against Russia is not a smart military strategy when the United States already contains Russia. For example, putting NATO membership on the Russian border will only cause conflict when Russia sees NATO as a threat to its national security. The same can be said about Georgia why does NATO need to be so close to the Russian border. These interactions with NATO can cause conflicts to increase between the United States, NATO, and Russia. In Syria, American allies could have another way to send oil and natural gas to Europe without attempting to overthrown Assad. These are examples of American military strategy that failed to contain Russia but made Russia more aggressive militarily.

However, the United States should feel threatened by a Russian military base in Venezuela. Russian being so close to American shores can threaten the homeland. From a military standpoint, it would make sense to remove president Maduro from office and install a pro-western leader that is for better relations with the United States.

The INF treaty can go in favor of both Russia and the United States because from a military standpoint China is not part of the INF treaty. Russia and the United States will lag in technology and production if it continues the treaty. On the other hand, it does increase the danger of conflict between Russia and America because of past proxy wars in Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, and now maybe Venezuela. American foreign policy against Russia makes sense in Venezuela and the INF treaty, but a failure in judgment in Ukraine, Georgia, and Syria. No need to cause new conflicts with Russia. Russia is already contained by NATO and US bases in South Korea and Japan. Pushing Russia closer to a conflict will not give America the upper hand because Russia will want revenge.

In the end, Russia should feel threatened by American military aggression. NATO being so close in Ukraine and Georgia increases tensions with Russia. The attempt to remove Assad made Russia feel the United States is attempting to undermine Russia. These perceptions will backfire on the United States because by being overly aggressive towards Russia will make Russia fight back and fight back hard with combat experience against American aggression. However, pulling out of the INF treaty between the United States and Russia makes sense because China is not part of it and puts America and Russia and a military disadvantage. If America does invade Venezuela, then form a military standpoint make sense because a Russian military base can’t be so close to the American homeland because it threatens the Homeland. America should continue applying the containment strategy of Russia by keeping a strong NATO alliance, maintaining military bases in South Korea and Japan. No need to cause new conflicts and wars when Russia is already contained.

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