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Russian Jet Shot Down In Syria

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On November 24, 2015, a Russian jet was shot down by Turkey. The Russian’s have repeatedly entered into Turkey airspace by the Syrian border. The Russian jet was only in Turkey’s air space for 17 seconds. The Russian’s will eventually counter back for the jet being shot down, so what might the Russian’s do to fight back against Turkey and how will this affect the North Atlantic Treaty Organization  (NATO) members to defend Turkey if Russia attacks Turkey.

Examples of Russian military actions.

1. The Russian’s might supply the Syrian government with anti-aircraft missile’s to shot down a Turkey jet flying into Syrian airspace. The Russian’s did supply an S-400 missile defense system to Syria, which can shoot down aircraft. This S-400 missile defense system can protect Syrian and Russian jets that are conducting an air campaign. The Russian military has also put air to air missiles on their jets, which can shoot down Turkish aircraft. If Turkey enters into Syrian airspace, Russia might do that same thing that the Turks did to the Russian’s, shooting down a Turkish jet. The S-400 defense system also threatens Israel, just not Turkey.

2. The Russian’s might supply the Syrian military with heavy arms to kill Turk back rebels. The Russians might even start bombing harder on Turk back rebels. The Russian’s have already been attacking the Turk back rebels because the Turks want Assad out of power. The Russian’s want to keep Assad in power. To increase tensions with Turkey, Russia will probably step up their campaign against the Turk men rebels, and destroy them to show a message to Turkey.

3. He also could use economic sanctions against Turkey. Turkey and Russia are trade partners. 4 million Russian’s travel to Turkey every year. The Russian’s and Turks do 30 billion dollars in trade. Vladimir Putin has passed a decree against Turkey. On January 1, 2016, there will be a visa ban travel. Russia has ban Turkey imports and has banned Russian citizens traveling to Turkey. This will hurt the Turkey economy.

4. The Russian’s might team up with a terrorist organization or maybe the PKK, to attack Turkey on its homeland. The Russian might send funding, training, and weapons to this group. Technicality, Russia would not be attacking NATO as a State actor, but supporting a group to do the fighting against NATO.

Russia used similar tactics in Ukraine for Hybrid warfare.Russian separates were supported, supplied, funded, and receive weapons,but deny that Russian troops are in Ukraine. These are kind of Cold War tactics. 2 examples are Vietnam and Afghanistan in the Cold War. In Vietnam, the Soviet Union supported the Vietcong. The Soviet Union would supply weapons to the Vietcong. The Americans were fighting the Vietcong and eventually lost the Vietnam War. This plan can also backfire when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s, the CIA teamed up with the mujahideen to shoot down Russian helicopter.

The conflict between Russia and Turkey can become a dangerous situation. Turkey is a NATO member, which means, if Russia invades or attacks Turkey, NATO will come to its defense. Under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, all 28 nations must come to the defense of Turkey, if Turkey embroils into a conflict, with Russia. On the other hand in Ukraine, America and England are not obliged by Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances treaty to defend Ukraine. But, America has done little to stop the fighting in Ukraine to counter back the Russians. America and NATO must be prepared to defend their allies no matter what.

United States did the right move to back their NATO Ally Turkey. It also shows Turkey is not afraid of Russia and will take action against Russia for voiding its airspace. This might show that Putin might be weak. Looks strong on the outside, but weak on the inside. NATO knows Russia cannot afford long wars while the Russian economy is hurting at this time. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin might not be as weak and dumb in his counter attack against Turkey.

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