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Are Sanctuary Cities Illegal

Sanctuary Cities
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Sanctuary Cities are becoming a major problem in the country today.

These Sanctuary cities are designed to protect illegal immigrants from deportation. The main reason this policy is in place is to ensure that illegal immigrants work with local law enforcement to report crimes. Working with law enforcement helps to reduce crime by not deporting these individuals. This is why many cities chose not to enforce immigration law.

Some of the states that refuse to work with the federal government are Colorado, Connecticut, New York, California, and New Mexico. In the State of California, sanctuary cities are Sacramento County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and much more. In the state of New York, Wayne County, New York City, Franklin County, and much more. In the state of Colorado, Jefferson County, Denver Country, Boulder County, and much more. In the state of Connecticut, Hartford and East Haven. In the state of New Mexico, San Miguel, Bernalillo, and New Mexico County Jails. There is more information provided on Sanctuary cities and states at cis.org.

Most of these cities blame the federal government for not enforcing immigration law. The sole responsibly goes to the federal government and not local Law enforcement to implement the law. This statement is true that is not up to local or states to enforce immigration.

On the other hand, some cities do work with the federal government to hold undocumented immigrants. The issue with local law enforcement keeping illegals in jail and waiting for Immigration & Customs Enforcement or ICE to pick them up is that local jails hold them and feed them, which cost local taxpayers money and increases the cost of a cities budget. The federal government will compensate the city for keeping illegals in jail, but some cities still do not cooperate with the federal government because they fear that illegal immigrants will not work with Law Enforcement to fight crime or the cost of holding them hurts the city.

People agree that sanctuary cities hurt American’s overall, those Sanctuary cities are illegal and do not comply with the federal government. Others disagree with this argument, and local jurisdictions have the legal right to choose their policy of immigration inside their city. This is because it breaks down as the different branches of government. The federal government enforces federal laws, states enforce state laws, and local enforces local laws. The federal government can enter the local jurisdiction to find illegal immigrants, but local law enforcement does not have to help because it is not their responsible under the law to enforce illegal immigration policy. It is up to the federal government to do that job according to americanbar.org.

The sad thing both sides are playing you. The reason this cycle of illegal immigration will continue is not that of politicians, but because of corporations who lobby politicians to keep immigration law none enforceable and complicated. This confusion is purposely designed to ensure cheap labor and to increase the birth rate, so they do not give American citizens a tax cut for having children.

The solution to fixing the issue of illegal immigration is very simply if Congress is to pass a new immigration law.This new law would state that if you come into the country illegally or overstay your VISA, you will automatically get five years in prison. Of course, the illegal immigrate gets his due process to plea for asylum, but if found not true then this punishment will be put down on them.  This new law would be a criminal act, not a civil crime as it is written now. By changing the law to this harsh penalty, this would stop the flow of illegal immigration.

Yes, in the beginning, it would cost the taxpayers a lot of money, but in the long term, every American citizen will benefit from these changes to the law. Our current immigration system is costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars every year. Instead, we waste money catching undocumented immigrants and then deportation them, without no penalty. Let’s hope that the new Administration will press Congress to pass these tougher laws against illegal immigrants.

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