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The Solution To Fixing Crime In America

The solution to fixing crime in America
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If you live in the United States, you know America is a nation of law and order.

This law and order can affect everyday citizens in different ways. More law can equal safety, but it doesn’t always equal that equation. When a citizen is locked up, you are paying the bill. American politicians always pass more law, but you never hear them repealing laws, which can endanger public safety. The high prison rate affects taxpayers, the economy, and if an inmate gets out after serving time in prison, he or she can’t get a job. Yes, some laws are great, but other legislation is wrong.

Our current prison population is at 2.3 million, which is the highest prison population on Earth. The cost of keeping all these inmates lock up can cost a fortune. In the state of California, the cost of putting one person in prison will cost a taxpayer 47,000 dollars according to You can imagine the high cost of providing food, electricity, air conditioning, and other resources are costing the taxpayer a lot of money. Locking people in jail and prison might not be the right answer to fixing all of the society’s problems.

Laws are design to keep people safe, but they also can create more crime and do nothing to fix internal issues inside America. For example, the War on Drugs does not reduce drug abuse or gang violence. Instead, it increases it. Gun control does not stop gun violence but increases it by creating a black market, and keeping prostitution illegal increases aids, HIV, and rape, but when American politicians pass laws for these things, it’s a band-aid for fixing internal issues within our country.

The best way to fixing our society is not more law enforcement, but improving education, family values, and increasing business opportunities to create jobs. Promoting business opportunities, investing in family values, and education is the best way to solve all of our crime problems. These are the things that government should be focusing on to removing crime and violence in our society.

American Education System Compared to Other Countries

For example, if we improve our education system by providing better sex education K-12, we would have less crime, abortion, and sexually disease in our society. Teaching youth at a young age is critical to expanding knowledge of severe life issues. In Europe, the Dutch follow this system of sex education teaching youth k-12. The reason they enact this policy is to bring the opposite sex together at a young age to learn social skills, safe sex, and relationships according to This just doesn’t include sex, but allowing the children to express who they like in class and why do you like this person. Teaching at a young age to express your self-reduces domestic violence, rape, and helps to improve social behavior for relationships.

In the United States, we promote the opposite to stay away from sex; while in European schools promote dating and educating their youth about safe sex. This is important because European children learn how to act, socialize and engage with the opposite sex at a young age. This is important because if you were molested as children, it might be difficult for that person to date someone or suffered family abuse, which can create other social issues. This is why the European style of engaging the opposite sex is important at such a young age. This reduces crime against the sexes and creates great relationships, which benefit the overall of their society. America should take the same path. Another important point to improving our society is reducing drug abuse starting at the youth.

Having a k-12 no to drug campaign will ensure our young people know the dangers of drugs. Education again starts at a young age. Understanding the risk of narcotics is crucial to reducing substance abuse by providing education. America does not do a good job at this. There might be some classes in school that talks about drug prevention but do not drill it into our children brains. Increasing drug prevention classes will benefit society because it will reduce crime by having less drug addicted people roaming the streets. By being aware of the dangers of drugs hopefully, this reduces crime. Another key factor to ensuring our society will stay great is providing trade school in high school.

Trade school in high school is so important to ensuring economic security for our youth. Knowing that they have a trade reduces economic hardship, which can lead to drug abuse, crime, and depression. Having financial security is essential to ensuring family values because parents can provide to take care of their children. This reduces welfare which is a cost to the taxpayers. Having a trade is vital for our country to maintain our nation. When a student is 18 and has graduated high school, he or she can automatically get a job within their field immediately because they been training for that skill for the last four years. As a result, when people get out of high school with a trade this will improve their economic outlook, which will benefit them, their family, and our society because having a trade that pays well helps everybody. Knowing that you will leave high school with a good paying trade will reduce the chance of people joining gangs to find other means of income. Education is just not necessary, but our family values are too.

American Family Values Decline

When it comes to our family values, America does a terrible job. Our divorce rate is at 50 percent, which leads to youth having many problems in their childhood according to This can result, in a life of crime and drug abuse. Europe does an excellent job of ensuring family values, which benefits everyone in their society. For example, their workweek is 30 to 35 hours; their vacation time is 30 to 33 days off mandatory according to As a result, having vacation and a reduce work week will allow you to see your family, which improves family values according to In the United States, you are lucky to get two weeks off, and sometimes some people work 50 to 60-hour weeks for both parents. This means kids never get to see their parents. The best way to bring family values back to America is maybe trying the European system of a reduce work week and more vacation might be more relevant to seeing your family. Maybe just making Sundays a mandatory day off for everybody could increase family values. Increase family values also reduce crime by creating a stable household. When children have a stable household, they are more likely to be a productive member of society. To achieve these goals America must expand business opportunity, decrease taxes, and repeal laws to increase wages.

New Business Opportunity

Increasing business opportunities is essential to a growing economy. Too many laws can destroy our economy. For example, when we look at the gun industry it is worth 14 billion dollars in 2013 according to, but that number might be higher if we didn’t have so many gun control laws. Another example is the marijuana industry that is expected to grow to 60 billion dollars once it becomes fully legal, can you imagine the cost to taxpayers if it was still illegal. The final example is the porn industry, which was unlawful mainly throughout the 20 century until the Supreme Court legalizes it. Today, this industry is worth 97 billion dollars worldwide and is worth 10 to 12 billion in the United States according to You can imagine if removing some laws on industries can help grow our economy and increase our job outlook and reduce taxes. New jobs equal less unemployment, which means people, are less likely to commit crime because there is the opportunity for a good paying job.

All together these changes to our education system, family values, and a growing economy by repealing laws will help our nation. These are the types of policies changes we need to fix all of our issues in our society. Not passing more laws to put a band-aid on issues, but fixing internal problems to solve every other problem in our country.

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