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How To Solve Sexual Harassment In America

Sexual Harassment
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In the United States, there is currently a surge of sexual harassment allegations towards celebrates, members of Congress, and news anchors. This rise of accusations leads to the #Metoo movement to help inspire individuals to come out against their accuser. Sexual harassment has been a severe issue in the workplace, which the movement is trying to do something about it by creating law firms that are dedicated to the cause. However, when it does come to sexual harassment, isn’t that a failure of government by not reducing the work week to European levels?

Across the world, countries have to deal with sexual harassment claims to, but they have a different method of dealing with the issue.European countries have vacation time and a reduce work week, which might reduce sexual harassment in the office. Here are two examples of how to reduce sexual harassment in the workplace.

Reduce Work Stress

It is essential for society to reduce stress for individuals by maintaining a reduced work week. Having a minimize week can increase family values by not always working. Help to reduce divorce and domestic violence. It also allows people to date and live life to do other activities. In the United States, 40 hours is considered a full-time employee, but most people work longer than that. Some people work 50 to 60 hours a week. As a result, this destroys the family, but it might also increase sexual harassment in the office. This increase in the work week creates situations where people have no time to go out to enjoy life and date, instead your in an office, or in a work environment where you see the same people every day, more than your family. This might be some of the cause of sexual harassment in the work place, but the solution is to reduce the work week.

The law should be that every employee should be only able to work for one company only for 40 hours a week and no more. Of course, if an individual needs money they can still work at a second job to make ends meet. However, the hope is to ensure that people are not stuck in the same environment for 50 to 60 hours. By making the work week 40 hours, people can still go out and date or be with their family. Having a reduced work week is important, but vacation time is to.

European Work Culture VS American

Vacation allows people to cut down stress. In many European countries, Europeans receive about 30 paid vacation days for rest. However, the reality of receiving that much time off and pay is not realistic in the United States. Instead, we should make it law that every employee needs to take off mandatory 14-day vacation every year. The company can choose to give their employees more time off as a benefit. People do receive 14 days off, but do not always take it off because it is optional and the fear of getting fired. One idea is to give tax money to small businesses to pay for their employees to take off that mandatory two weeks, while corporations would pay for their employees because they are well established.

In the end, by reducing the work week to 40 hours and making 14 days of vacation mandatory, the hope is it will reduce sexual harassment. This will allow people to live life, be with their family, and go date according to upfrontpolitics.com. Hopefully, changes like this will make a difference.

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