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The 21 First Century American Warfare Strategy

American Warfare
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The world is starting to become more dangerous among great powers like Russia and China. The Chinese economic strength and military expansion are beginning to threaten U.S. interest globally. The Russian economy is small compared to the United States and China; however, their military presence in Europe and the Middle East is starting to expand. If there is a conflict, then what advantages do China and Russia have over the United States and what should the United States warfare strategy be to counter these powers.

The military advantage for Russia is an experienced military force and control of natural gas going to NATO allies. The Russian military campaigns in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria have given Russia military experience that they can use against US allies in Europe and the Middle East in the future. However, the Russian military experience can be countered by American military experience. The war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa have provided the United States military experience to counter Russia. On the other hand, Russia appears to complete its objectives militarily compared to the United States. In the Russian military campaign in Georgia the invade South Ossetia and Abkhazia region. In the Ukrainian conflict the Russian Arm Forces annex Crimea, and in Syria, the Russian Arm Forces have helped kept Assad in power and appears to have won the conflict. The Russian military gets the job done and has been successful in its military adventures. The other major concern for NATO is its reliance on natural gas from Russia. In the event of a conflict between NATO an Russia can cut off energy hurting the economics of NATO nations, but at the same time, it will hurt the Russian economy. These are just some of the threats from Russia.

China is a strong economic power ranking second place and its military budget is the second biggest in the world. The only military action has been the annexation of the South China Sea, which has been a successful military operation. However, the Chinese military lack military compared to the United States and Russia. The United States military experience is superior compared to China. On the other hand, the Chinese military is starting to equal the United States in military technology, and Chinese manpower is the one area where China has the advantage over the United States. China 1.4 billion compared to 350 million Americans. What should the United States do to counter these threats.

The United States should not to become stuck in another middle eastern war in Syria. The should continue with the containment strategy in Europe, but without putting NATO membership in Ukraine or Georgia, but keeping NATO nations where they stand. In this way, America keeps Russia at bay without starting a conflict with Russia. The trade war must continue for national security. The Chinese economic wealth is helping China build its military and increase its influence globally. Taking away that high level of wealth will ensure America and China continue its economic growth equally without neither side receiving an advantage.

In the end, The Chinese and Russians are going to bring new challenges to the United States. America must be prepared for this change globally. The hope is America will stay on top.

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