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The Chinese Invasion of Myanmar Part II

The Chinese Invasion of Myanmar Part II
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The Chinese government has been increasing military spending over the years. These significant increases in military spending are designed to counter the United States, its allies, and to protecting Chinese sea lanes. The Chinese have annexed the South China Sea, East China Sea, and there are reports of an invasion of Taiwan by 2020. There was even the threat of military force against Taiwan by the Chinese president Xi. However, are the Chinese using deception by making everyone believe Taiwan is real targeted instead of Myanmar.

A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be very dangers for the Chinese military because of their lack of experience in combat and Amphibious warfare. A Chinese invasion could also mean Chinese sea lanes that ship supplies could be cut off to China by Naval blockade by the United States. As a result, China could lose billions of dollars in an attempt to regain Taiwan under its control. Internationally, invading Taiwan could be a failure if the invasion is not successful.

On the other hand, a military invasion of Taiwan will eventually happen if the United States continues to spread its influence closer to Chinese shores. China fears more American power close to its nation and in future will establish pushing the United States out of China. Having control over Taiwan will also allow China to send ships and supplies to the Pacific Ocean without using American sea lane protection. Instead, China will start to establish its sea lanes protection with the Chinese Navy and not American navy protecting guarding the sea lanes. This will allow China in the future to safeguard Chinese shipping, but its shipping is in danger because an invasion of Taiwan could put Chinese shipping in jeopardy by the United States Navy.

How does China counter the dilemma? China must invade Myanmar. The invasion of Myanmar and occupation will allow Chinese Sea ports to the Indian Ocean. That means Chinese ships would not have to enter the South China Sea to supply China in a time of war with Taiwan. Chinese ships would not need to pass Malaysia or Indonesia. Having control of Myanmar’s seaports could allow the Chinese military to spread its influence and allow supplies to be ship to China through Myanmar. The pretext for invading Myanmar is genocide because of the Myanmar government killing the Rohingya people. It allows China to claim humanity grounds.

Once the invasion of Myanmar is complete, then the invasion of Taiwan can happen. Supply lines are safe as well the Chinese military would have gain much-needed combat experience.However, the American military will need to counter this military move.

The American military should support Myanmar’s government and start spending military equipment and even training. The Chinese cannot establish Myanmar’s Sea ports because it can allow China not to protect and limit the effect of blockading Chinese shipping. Having control over Chinese shipping is key to staving the Chinese economy in a time of war.

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