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The Fall of Aleppo

fall of Aleppo
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The fall of Aleppo has made Russia and the Assad regime stronger inside Syria and the global stage.

The Russian Air Force, Russian Special Forces, Iranian militias, and the Assad regime have removed ISIS and other terrorist groups out of the city of Aleppo. This is a great success and military victory for President Assad of Syria because he will stay in power and keep his regime.

For the United States and the civilians still trapped in the city of Aleppo it is a major failure of American foreign policy. The Syrian civil war has cost the lives of 400,000 according to The total amount of casualties can’t be confirmed because many groups can’t confirm data from other organizations.

Of course, as we know war is bloody, and many innocent civilians have been killed during this conflict, but without Russia and Assad the bloodshed of innocent people might continue. The United States has failed to stop the bloodshed. President Obama drew his red line in 2012 and did not fulfill that red line.

As a result, Russia stepped into the conflict to fulfill America’s role in the fight against terrorism in Syria. Now, the Obama administration is complaining how the Russians and Syrians may have violated international law and human rights. This might be true, but the way Russia and Syria fight war might not be the same way how the United States fights a war. The sad thing is their style of warfare is winning in Syria and especially Aleppo.
Even if the United States government is successful in trying to bring charges against Russia for human rights violations the Russians can just veto it in the U.N. according to China will mostly go along with the veto power with Russia.

The Obama Administration is complaining about Russia, knowing that the United States government can’t do anything to stop Russia, Syria, and Iran in the Middle East. It was a mistake in the first place to try to remove Assad out of power knowing that Assad is a Russia’s ally.

Now, Russia is looking stronger, but also smarter in its military strategy. The way Russia, Syria, and Iran are fighting terrorism is making the United States look bad and weak. The fact is American foreign policy is making Russia a stronger power because the United States keeps on intervening in pro-Russian countries according to

In the future, the next president should look at how every American intervention is making terrorist organizations stronger, but also making Russia a higher power around the world. Building a more powerful military is important, but making a smart military is more important when you are dealing with Vladimir Putin.

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