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The Way Military Powers Might Destroy America

The Way Military Powers Might Destroy America
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The United States has been at war for the last 15 years fighting in the Middle East and continuing to fight new wars in the region.

This continuation of war is making America weaker while helping Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea to become stronger. According to the book the art of war, a nation should not be at war for long periods of time according to goodreads.com. This causes a superpower to become weaker from all these military conflicts. As a result, the terrorist has achieved their goal by making America become stuck in a quagmire in the Middle East.

The terrorist has already done the heavy lifting by destroying America financially. The next biggest question, how will these state actors take advantage of America at this time and movement in history? Will they try to destroy the last superpower in the world and how will they do it?

These state actors might combine forces to destroy America financially and militarily across the globe. For example, Russia might invade Ukraine, China & North Korea might invade South Korea, and Iran might invade Saudi Arabia at the same time. This combination of invading all these countries at the same time will overstretch the United States military. It would also cost the United States military billions to trillions of dollars to fight all these wars across the globe.

The United States military has 1.3 to 1.4 million active duty personnel station across the world according to wikipedia.org.Trying to fight all these conflicts all at the same time would also hurt the military with less manpower. Many people would say America has allies across the world that would come to America’s aid in time of war. According to history, America has been the one that has always solves military issues and disputes, while other nations just stand there and observe. Some governments might give light support, but that’s it.

For example, the Philippines government might be turning away from America, and trading places to build support with China. Other NATO nations might just crumble if Russia continues to fight in Syria, which will increase the refugee crisis inside European countries creating civil unrest and destroying their economy. According to pewresearch.org, there were 1. 3 million refugees that entered Europe. Russia might cut oil and natural gas supplies to the European Union to destroy their economy.

This is a scary time for America because Donald Trump is the last hope for America. If he succeeds in making America Great Again by bringing both political parties together and rebuilding the economy, then America will be back on the path of retaining the America Empire for domestic policy, but also foreign policy. On the other hand, if he fails along with both Political Parties, then these state actors will start making military decisions against the United States.

When looking at the world today, America is in a terrible position. These other powers are starting to grow and challenge America on every level. The result of major war across the globe might break America financially, which will destroy the American Empire altogether. In the event of a major war, America will see what allies will be there to defend the globe. We know England and Israel will be there, but what about these other allies. Let’s hope they do not fold to the other side when danger arrives.

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