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Why Three Industries want to keep Prostitution Illegal

Why Three industries want to keep prostitution Illegal in the United States
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In the United States, prostitution is illegal throughout the whole country expected for a few counties in the State of Nevada.

Amazingly, at the beginning of the country prostitution was entirely legal in the United States in the 19th century, until the 20th century. Most people believe prostitution became illegal to protect women, reduce disease, fight human trafficking, and to ensure Christian values. This is some reasons people think prostitution is illegal today but is that the real causes why prostitution is still illegal today.

When you examine the actual reason why prostitution is illegal in the United States, it is because of greed from three major industries that want to keep prostitution illegal. The three industries are religious organizations, Justice System, and pharmaceutical companies.

Religion Organizations & Where Do Churches Get Their Money:

In the United States, religion is a 1.2 trillion dollar industry according to cnsnews.com. This entire industry has many tax exemptions based on religious grounds and protected under the first Amendment of the Constitution.  The biggest religious population in America is Christianity. About 3/4th or 70 percent of the population follows different forms of Christianity.  These groups include Orthodox, Catholic, Fundamentalist Christianity, Anglicans, Lutherans, Pietism, Baptist, and much more different Christian groups. These high percentages of members attend church on a weekly basis.

People might give money to the church every time they attend service. This can be 10 percent or more or less depending on how much an individual wants to give to the church. This cash can be taxed exempt, which means the church receives all the money.  Many of these churches say they use the money to feed the Homeless and help with other charity programs, which better helps the overall community. Many people use religion as a way to fight depression, life problems, and for others therapeutic reasons. This is what a true Christian believes that he or she is following the words of God.

For others in the Church, it is a smart way make a lot of money. Many churches have ties to the business community, and many companies operate as a Christian company, which generates billions of dollars for these enterprises. For example, Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby are major Christian companies according to ijr.com. More members equal more wealth for them and only them. They’re not there to spread the word of God, but only there for the business model.

A new sexually revolution might hurt their membership, which means less money is going to their church. A true Christian would believe in God no matter if prostitution did become legal in the United States, but some people who run churches and Christian businesses are not there for the true believers of God, but just to get money. As a result, many religious groups would fight against the legalization of prostitution.  Some of the wealthiest pastors in America would fight against the thought of legal prostitution.

When it comes to Christianity, the legalization of prostitution can hurt the sector by removing members from their church or Christian businesses.  As a result, that industry can suffer millions to billions of dollars in lost revenue.  A perfect example is the Catholic Church in America that has lost 50 percent of its membership according to the pewresearch.org.  A complete loss of that amount can hurt this industry. This is why religious organizations want to keep prostitution illegal.

Corruption in the Criminal Justice System:  If the legalization of prostitution becomes legal, then the Justice System can lose millions or billions of dollars.  The main reason is because prostitution does a lot to reduce crime and violence. More sex makes people happy, more sex equals less depression, more places to pay for legal sex, means less rape, domestic violence, and sexually harassment according to upfrontpolitics.com.

You also have to add that once prostitution becomes legal, then fewer people are going to prison for prostitution-related charges. By removing prostitution laws off the books for ages of 18-90, it creates a legal prostitution industry, which reduces the prison population.  According to hg.org, the people arrested for prostitution every year is 80,000. This cost to the tax payer is 200 million dollars a year.

This high number of people won’t go to jail or prison anymore which means, it does not create repeat offenders for the same crime. As a result, it will decrease the prison population, which will hurt private prisons and layoffs of correctional officers. The Justice System will lose millions to billions of dollars every year by not locking people up.

Pharmaceutical Companies & American Greed: The legalization of prostitution can hurt pharmaceutical companies financially.  Legal prostitution is much cleaner than having sex on the street. The reason because every prostitute would receive testing every month for HIV, Aids, transmitted sexual diseases. This also leads to a reduction in cancer such as breast cancer, reduces heart attack risk, and prostate cancer according to breastcancerconqueror.com & webmd.com. Sex is also considered working out. If prostitution did fully become legal, then every citizen would be working out more because they are having more sex, which will reduce many other health issues.

Of course, this leads to billions of dollars being lost to major pharmaceutical companies. Why it is important for their industry to keep prostitution illegal, because it increases HIV, AIDS, transmitted venereal disease, and different forms of cancer. It creates a billion dollar industry in health issues, which they want to, keep to build their profits. The Pharmaceutical industry was worth 70 billion dollars for United States companies in the year of 2015, according to statista.com.  This means safer places to have legal sex, which equals fewer profits.


In the end, these industries will suffer if prostitution started to become legal in the United States. Just like any industry, a new one is made. Religion will always be here. There might be a loss of followers, but there will still be people attending church.

When it comes to the Justice system, they will lose billions of dollars not locking people up in prisons, jails, less public defendants, and reduction in the correctional officers. On the other hand, a new prostitution industry will create a lot of compliance officers’ jobs, lawyers to back that new industry, security jobs, and many other jobs.

When it comes to the Pharmaceutical Companies, they will also lose billions of dollars. With the legalization of prostitution, it reduces severe diseases. Aids, HIV, STDs, breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterus cancer, reduction in depression, anxiety, and other health issues.

Yes, the pharmaceutical industry will lose billions of dollars, but they will gain billions of dollars because they have to hire nurses for HIV/Aids test, drug test, condoms, and vaccinations for HPV and other diseases for every legal register prostitute. They will still be making billions of dollars. Of course, why go through all that trouble legalizing prostitution, when you have the political power to keep prostitution illegal.

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