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It’s Time to Legalize Prostitution to Reduce Human Trafficking

It’s Time to Legalize Prostitution to Reduce Human Trafficking
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In recent news Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots has been charged with a misdemeanor offense for soliciting prostitution. The media makes into a more significant emotional issue instead finding logical ways to solve human trafficking, but paying for sex has been on Earth since human history. In the United States, prostitution was legal throughout the 19th and early 20th century. Keeping prostitution illegal increases human trafficking, AIDs, HIV, and STDs. Its time to legalize prostitution.

When it comes to human trafficking, there are two types of human trafficking. The first is for cheap labor. The second is for sexual purposes. It is not the job of the state and local governments to spend vast amounts of resources to combat this type of criminal activity, but a small portion. The main job goes to the federal government with strong immigration laws to fight human trafficking knowing who is coming in and out is essential to combating human trafficking in the beginning. As a result, the United States would know who is coming into the country. For example, having 22 million illegal immigrants living inside the nation create a human trafficking issue. Second, keeping prostitution illegal increase this unlawful activity. The government is combating illegal sexual activity between the ages of 5-90, which cost local, state, and federal taxes. If prostitution was legal, then local police departments could focus on combating child prostitution. It will also decrease human trafficking because now it’s legal to pay for sex between the ages of 18 -100. If the federal government enforces strong immigration laws and if prostitution was legal between two consenting adults, then the police can focus on child prostitution. No need for illegal activity with human trafficking individuals. When there is a legal prostitution industry that is licensed, pay taxes, business location, health inspection, and code compliance officer checking that all the laws are followed. As a result, human trafficking will decrease because it’s legal to pay for sex, which removes the black market for adults and the federal government has strong immigration laws on the books to stop human trafficking.

Legal sex industry would reduce aids, HIV, and other harmful STDs. Keeping prostitution illegal increases Aids, HIV, and, STDs because there is no legal sex industry, but a black market. The reason a legal sex industry will be regulated. For example, HIV, Aids test every month and STD test every week. Second, sex workers will also wear condoms for every sexual act performed reducing the contracting of diseases. As a result, having legal sex industry reduces disease, while keeping it illegal increase it because it is not regulated.

In the end, keeping prostitution illegal does more harm, then good. Legalization is the key to reducing human trafficking Aids, HIV, and STDs. Last its immigration laws that stop human trafficking on the federal level. Local and state governments should spend small prostitution to combat human trafficking because its the federal government’s duty.

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