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Transgender The 1 Percent

Transgender The 1 Percent
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Transgender The 1 Percent. North Carolina passed a law that protects women from transgender men using public bathrooms, locker rooms, and other public facilities.

HB2 or Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, makes transgender citizens use the bathroom and locker room that identifies with their birth certificated.

This law is to protect women from men who might enter into a woman’s bathroom or locker room. The main reason is a man can just dress up like a woman and walk into a women’s bathroom or other public facilities. This could potentially increase the chances of being raped or being sexually assault by these men, even if they are not transgender.

The best solution maybe for transgender people is to install unisex bathrooms in public schools and public facilities. These public facilities used for transgender people will ensure safety for everybody.

This is what this law does. Many people say forcing someone to use the unisex bathroom at school might make students feel very different, but the funny thing is he or she is very different already.

That’s the whole point of going to school. That’s where you learn social skills and learn how to act in different social settings. For example, you learn about people of different social classes, rich, poor, middle class, race, sexually, unattractive people, beautiful people, stand up for yourself, and dating in school. That’s life, not everyone is equal, but school helps everyone to learn about different social problems and issues.

Some people say that is discrimination to force a transgender women to use the male bathroom, but when you really examine the issue, is it really discrimination? These people were born physically a man or a women, mentally these people believe that they are a women or man, when physical they are not.

Does this classify as a mental illness, when they mentally believe they are something, they are not? According to Dr. McHugh former employee of Johns Hopkins Medicine, being transgender is a mental disorder. Basically, he is saying these people are physically a man, but mentally believe that they are a woman. He compared this to having anorexia, when someone thinks they are fat, when they are not, but they are dangerously skinny. So far, as future studies continue to research the issue, it is not a mental illness, but a mental disorder.

The transgender population only consists of 1 percent of the American population. These laws do not protect women at all, but put them more endanger from men who might want to do violent sexually acts on women. The best course of action is to allow transgender men and women to use unisex bathrooms to make sure everybody is happy and safe.

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