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Trump Administration & Foreign Policy

Trump Administration & Foreign Policy
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The world is challenging the United States and its superpower status globally. Russia is fighting in Syria, China is annexing the South China Sea, North Korea was threatening the United States with nuclear weapons, and Iran is fighting in Yemen and Syria. These nations are trying to poke at America to grow their power and influence globally. However, their plans might have to wait for the next eight years because president Donald Trump is using all of his authority to stop their progress and restore American dominance internationally.

The Trump Administrations foreign policy has been a significant success. The concept of peace through strength is working. Here is a list of examples of foreign policy success from the Trump Administration.

Russia In Syria
Since president Trump has been in office, he has ordered military strikes on Syria twice. Russia is supporting Syria and wants President Assad to stay in power. However, if the Assad regime keeps using chemical weapons he might be removed from power. Russia made threats of retaliation on both military campaigns in Syria and Russia did nothing. The first chemical weapons attack was on April 2017, in which 80 people were gas to death. America used 59 tomahawk missiles which hit a military air base. The Second chemical weapons attack was on April 2018, which killed 40 people. America used air strikes to target three chemical facilities that were producing chemical weapons according to nytimes.com. However, some experts don’t believe the reports given by the United States government of chemical weapons attacks are accurate. America just used it as a pretext to strike Syria. On the other hand, president Vladimir Putin has received the message that America is willing to use military strength no matter if Russia is backing Assad.

North Korea Denuclearization
The nation of North Korea and America have been threatening each other for the past year. However, it appears the threat of American military power and sanctions has made North Korea cave from the pressure. Currently, North Korea is claiming to denuclearize. This is because of the strong foreign policy of Trump making threats, conducting military excises with South Korea, and putting aircraft carriers in the region. On the other hand, Kim Jong Un could be setting some trap or bluff for some reason, but so far America is forcing him to denuclearize, which is a good sign.

Iran Deal Trump
The Iran deal would have only slowed down there nuclear weapons program for 15 years. This deal allowed Iran to receive 1.7 billion dollars to fund their country and build their economy with relief from sanctions. As sanction relief continues, it could go to building their military and supporting Iran’s terrorist activities in the region. This deal would have only slowed down the conflict between Israel, United States, and Iran. It means after 15 years they would have a strong economy with strong conventional forces along with nuclear weapons. Trump was right to terminate the deal because in the future they would been stronger to face, but right now they are still weak.

South China Sea Conflict
The Chinese in the South China Sea is building bases on reefs and making man-made islands. The Chinese claim the South China Sea is theirs based on the fact of the nine-dash line. The nine-dash line is based on historical evidence that it is Chinese territory. However, the international community does not agree with the nine-dash line and belief its international waters. Trump is countering China in the South China Sea by doing freedom of navigation operations to poke at China’s claim.

In the end, Donald Trump is showing strong foreign policy skills to deal with these rising nations. It is good timing because if the president were weak, then these countries would have taken over America’s role globally. The Trump foreign policy is not Bush over aggressive, but not Obama too soft. Trump is strategic in his approach towards foreign policy, knowing when to make a move and not make a move.

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