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Trump VS Putin

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During the presidential campaign Donald Trump promises to talk with leaders across the globe.

The most notable person Trump was willing to try to get along with was President Vladimir Putin. As we know, President Obama and President Putin have become more distance with ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Syria.

In Ukraine, President Obama promises to help Ukraine by providing support and training to the Ukrainian government. In Syria President Obama tried to remove Assad, which is a Russian ally according to As a result, this created a disagreement between President Obama and President Putin.

You can see the United States and Russia are having major differences in the central military conflicts. America is trying to remove a Russian ally in Syria and the United States in Europe is trying to make Ukraine a NATO ally according to Russia is countering the military moves by the United States. How can Donald Trump fix the relationship between the United States and Russia?

Examples of fixing relationship between Russia and United States

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin can team up to fight global terrorism around the world. The United States and Russia have been fighting Islamic terrorism on different fronts. Both nations have been suffering from terrorist attacks inside their homeland.

The United States has been dealing with terrorist attacks for decades. One major attack on the motherland was in the year of 1993 when a terrorist attacked the World Trade Center. Another major terrorist attack on American soil was in the year of 2001, which was a successful attack by destroying the World Trade Center. They’ve also been small terrorist attacks inside America. During President Obama’s administration, there were 8 small terrorist attacks according to Together 3 presidents have dealt with Islamic terrorism and been trying to fight it. President Bill Clinton, President Bush, and President Obama have continued to fight the War On Terror. President Trump can reach out to Russia because their nation is suffering from terrorist attacks too.

The nation of Russia has banned 17 terrorist organizations. Some terrorist groups are Al Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and much more according to According to, which examined the Institute for Economics and Peace Global terrorism index found the nation is ranked 11th out of 162 nations when it comes to dealing with terrorism. The countries that ranked under Russia was Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. It just shows how Russia is also dealing with the major issue of terrorism inside their homeland and around the globe.

When it comes to Syria America should work with Russia to defeat Islamic terrorism. President-elect Trump has said it might be better to work with Russia to defeat terrorism in Syria. According to this quote from

“I’ve had an opposite view of many people regarding Syria. My attitude was you’re fighting Syria, Syria is fighting Isis, and you have to get rid of Isis,”

This way both nations will become safe by removing a terrorist safe zone. By defeating terrorism in Syria and working together to defeat terrorism around the world America and Russia will ensure that the world will become safer from this threat. This would also improve the relationship between Russia and the United States.

Fixing Ukraine in Europe

Donald Trump should understand how making Ukraine a NATO member might make Russia feel threaten. Trump should work with Russia to find a peaceful solution to fix relations between Ukraine and Russia.  An example of fixing this problem in Ukraine could be challenging. America working with NATO might not want to consider not putting Ukraine into NATO membership but ensuring that Ukraine will stay an independent nation that will not be controlled by Russia, United States, or NATO.


By fighting Islamic terrorism together America and Russian will fix the relationship. By finding a solution in Ukraine America and Russia will improve on top of their relationship. This fixing of foreign affairs between the United States and Russia will build a strong bond which will reduce the chances of war between the two countries.

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