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Trump’s Immigration Reform To Fight The Zika Virus

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Every American seems to be on high alert after reports of the Zika Virus actively being transmitted within the United States this month. Although the active cities are currently only documented in two small cities in Miami and Orlando in Florida, the concern is now growing as the question is asked: What about those undocumented cases?

Trump’s campaign presented an Immigration reform policy that many would argue holds the answer to protecting Americans in the fight to prevent the spread of numerous diseases—like the Zika Virus— that are brought into our country every year by illegal immigrants that flood through our borders.

What’s the Zika Virus and why should we be worried? The Zika Virus is a disease, according to the Center for Disease Control; it is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito or sex with an infected partner. Unfortunately, scientists have yet to develop any vaccines or medications to treat this disease. Leaving, many Americans in fear of a coming epidemic.

While awareness of the Zika virus continues to grow, The Guardian presents a major issue: many infected people may not get tested for a few reasons. One, being that the Zika Virus symptoms is very similar to millions of other diseases, leaving doctors with vast possibilities as to a diagnosis. Secondly, the CDC has given very limiting recommendations as to what criteria should lead to requiring the proper tests to diagnose any patient with Zika Virus.

Lastly, it is reported that the test to conclusively diagnose the Zika Virus is very expensive and is, therefore, to be avoided unless the disease is likely to have occurred. These facts alone are alarming. But when you stop to consider the number of potentially undocumented cases, you may begin to wonder—what else can be done to protect our country?

Undeniably, Illegal immigration presents a real threat to our nation, especially in this time of concern in regards to the spread of the Zika Virus. According to the Southern Medical Association, nearly 700,000 Illegal Immigrants cross our borders annually with three-quarters of these coming from South American countries known to have active transmission of the Zika Virus. Legal Immigrants and refugees are required to go through rigorous screening processes, including a thorough medical examination, which checks for a wide variety of communicable diseases. The amount of potential cases that could be currently present in the population of the Illegal Immigrants that have recently traveled to our country could be in the hundreds or even thousands, but are still left undetected. Clearly, this poses a major threat to the potential spread of the Zika Virus throughout our population.

Donald Trump, a 2016 presidential candidate, has put together an Immigration Reform which calls for drastic changes to the United States’ current immigration policies. As stated on DonaldJTrump.com, the reform calls for a wall to be built between the United States and Mexico, an increase in the number of ICE officers employed by the federal government, the introduction of a nationwide e-verify program for employment, and many more changes to current immigration policies.

The immigration reform presented by Trump’s Campaign aims to be strict and claims to be the key to making America great again. Many of his followers agree with his reform, because it would protect Americans in a major way against the issues presented by a massive influx of Illegal immigrants, such as the threat of the spread of the disease which is undeniably present in the illegal immigrant population.

The question left unanswered: how do we protect ourselves from the ever present risk of the spread of disease by the Illegal Immigrant population?  Many would attest that Trump’s Immigration reform would dramatically aid in protecting American Citizens from the spread of communicable disease. Others would argue that under any circumstances, Trump’s Immigration Reform is much too drastic and harsh; going against what America stands for—the freedom of the pursuit of happiness and prosperity for all. But in such high-risk times, we are forced to see the issue from a new perspective.

What if one of your loved ones were infected with the Zika Virus and it could have been prevented the infected person not entering our country? We know that illegal immigrants are not the only way the Zika Virus is spread. However, the imminent threat is simply undeniable, and many Americans hold this fear deep, continuing to search for answers. Where do you stand? Comment below to put your voice out there!

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