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Is the United States Military Prepared to Go to War

United States Military Prepared to Go
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The world is starting to burn with wars and conflicts across the globe.

In Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, South China Sea, and Yemen we are seeing major wars and conflicts. Some of these conflicts involve America, Russia, and China which are the stronger military powers in the world.  As we see the United States, Russia, and China are fighting among each other.

In Asia, America and China have been fighting over control of the South China Sea. The Chinese government has challenged that the South China Sea is theirs. In the case, Philippines V. China the People’s Republic of the Philippines filed an arbitral tribunal against China. This was under Law of the Sea of United Nations Convention under Annex VII. The Tribunal found that China has “No Historical Rights “base on the nine dotted lines according to China disagreed with the tribunal and continued to say that the South China Sea is theirs. The United States argue that the South China Sea is in International waters and disagrees with China along with other Asian countries that the South China Sea is Chinese property.

In Europe, America and Russia are fighting in Ukraine. The Russians blame the United States for overthrowing a pro-Russian president in 2014 according to, which gave Putin the reason to invade Ukraine and annex the Crimean peninsula. The United States argue that the election was democratic and the people supported a move towards NATO, which the United States says the annexation of Crimea violated international law.

In the Middle East, America and Russia are fighting in Syria. The Russians want President Assad to stay in power because he is a Russian ally. Russia has two military bases in Syria, it is important for Russian military strategy to keep those military bases. The Air Base is located in Latakia and the naval base in Tartus according to For America, the removal of Assad is the removal of a Russian ally and military bases, which may threaten NATO. A new president in Syria for the United States means a new leader and government might work with the United States.

Altogether the world is becoming more dangerous by the day. The crazy thing America has been at war for a long time. America has been at war since the beginning of the 21 first century.  The United States has been fighting wars in the Middle East for the last 15 years.  As a result of all these wars the United States has lost these wars in the Middle East and is starting to lose its super power status, because of these long wars.

As Sun Tzu said, “There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare,” according to Long wars bring down empires and superpowers. The removal of Saddam Hussein increase terrorism, the elimination of Qaddafi in Libya increase terrorism, and trying to remove Assad increase the refugee crises, but also increase terrorism. On top of that 4 to 6 trillion dollars have been spent fighting wars in the Middle East according to American foreign policy and America strategy has failed to protect the United States from terrorism, but increase terrorism around the world.

Now, add to the fact America might be fighting new wars with Russia and China, and they are just entering major wars in the 21 first Century. This continuation of war and conflict will destroy America if the right decisions and military strategy are not made.

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