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United States NATO VS North Korea Russia China

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The United Nations just passed international sanctions against North Korea 15-0. These new sanctions will cut 1 billion dollars of exports from North Korea according to abcnews.go.com. The North Koreans feel threatened by the world and the United States. The United States, South Korea, and Japan feel threatened by North Korea. Both sides are seeing who is smarter and who is best at playing chess.

The new international sanctions on North Korea is a good result for the United States and the international community to show we are not playing around with North Korea. Still, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are fighting against each other in a war of words. The biggest question is China, Russia, and North Korea secretly working together?

Currently, on the world map, China has seized the South China Sea, Russia has been fighting in Syria and Ukraine, and now we have increased tension with North Korea. The United States just passed sanctions on Russia. Russia responded by expelling 755 US diplomats according to aljazeera.com, and America is thinking of giving new sanction against Chinese banks that deal with North Korea. As you can see the United States government might already know that these countries are working together. On the other hand, you can see how Russia and China have already made their move. Now they might be pressing North Korea to make America become trapped in Asia just like in the Middle East.

The international sanctions look good on paper, but will these countries follow through by imposing them. According to theguardian.com America violated international law in 2003 because the United States invaded Iraq by not getting UN approval, so most likely Russia and China will not follow through. UN is just politically symbolic to the power of 5: Russia, China, United States, France, and United Kingdom.This means the problem of North Korea will remain still existence.

Who will benefit if the World goes to war? If the Russians, Chinese, and North Korean’s went to war, they would achieve these strategic goals. For China, the removal of American influence is most significant. By removing America out of Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Guam. China will have a spread of influence in Asia and would become the dominant power. It would remove the threat of American weapons in Asia.

North Korea wants a united peninsula. A unified peninsula means a strong one Korea. It would be similar to North Vietnam invading South Vietnam and combining the country. This would also remove American influence.On the other hand, North Korea might just want to sign a peace treaty with the United States and be left alone. Kim and the Korean people believe in isolation and do not want a war with the America, but only use their weapons in a defensive manner against the United States.

Russia wants to ensure NATO and the United States no longer interfere in Russian affairs. They have most likely won in Syria and might be planning to invade the rest of Ukraine, which will allow them to create that buffer zone against NATO. Maybe they will indeed invade Finland, Sweden, and Norway next.

These are the goals for these countries, but what about the United States. If the United States can remove North Korea, then there is more American influence that can spread into China. It would be a united Korea, but for the west. America already has influence in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Guam, and the Philippines. Removing North Korea will stop Chinese influence from spreading.

For NATO, placing Ukraine in NATO will allow them to have more influence against Russia. Russia would have to worry about the Baltic States, but it also would worry about a pro-NATO Ukraine. Russia would be in a very awkward military position.

Overall, United States would box these nations. The external control in Asia and Europe will keep these powers in check. By keeping China, Russia, and North Korea surrounded and kept at bay. Right now, America does not know if there will be war or who will start the war. South Korea should allow its civilian population to own firearms for private use according to koreatimes.co.kr. Removing some gun control laws will make it difficult for an invading army such as North Korea. Maybe Donald Trump should tell the South Korean president to change its policy to increase defense for the nation.

In the end, let’s hope there is no war. Maybe North Korea and America can come together and find a solution to fix this problem between these nations. If not, then we will continue to see increase tension and maybe world war.

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