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Is The United States Being Respected Under The Trump Administration

Trump Administration
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There is conflicts all over the world. America is fighting in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. There are new tensions with North Korea and Iran, which might lead to more wars shortly. What is president Donald Trump doing to solve these issues during his term?

When we look at conflicts around the globe, there has been aggressive threats towards Syria. In Syria, President Trump showed Assad that he could not use chemical weapons on his people. President Assad was accused of using chlorine and sarin gas in Khan Seikhoun village according to independent.co.uk. This chemical attack killed 80 people. President Trump took immediate action to show president Assad the United States was not playing around by launching a missile attack on an airbase called Al Shayrat located in Syria. The US military used 59 Tomahawk missiles and destroyed ammunition bunkers, Syrian jets, air defense system, and aircraft shelters according to nytimes.com. This showed action against Assad, but also to the world that the United States was not playing. On the other hand, some experts believe that Assad did not use chemical weapons against his people, but it was ISIS, Trump just wanted to send a message.

That message might have been towards Iran and Syria to understand who is in charge of global affairs. When president Trump ordered the Mother of all bombs on Afghanistan, it was another message that the United States government was not playing around. 94 ISIS fighters were killed when the Mother of All Bombs dropped on tunnels and caves ISIS was using to send supplies and men according to cnn.com. These are two examples where Donald Trump has used military force to show America is coming back with strength against the world, but also our enemies.

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un should take note of Donald Trumps military action in his young administration. When the leader of North Korea makes threats, for example, Guam was threatened to envelop in the fire according to cbsnews.com, Trump counters hard against Kim Jong Un by making threats back, but Trump makes threats without Kim Jong UN making a threat. For example, Trump said,” North Korea will face fire and Fury like the world’s never seen” according to cnn.com. This just shows that when America is threatened Donald Trump will fight back hard against these individual dictators and countries.

So far, the Trump Administration has shown great strength in foreign policy. The Foreign policy the Trump Administration is bringing is what we need into today’s world. America is coming back, and great military powers like China and Russia see these example shown above. Mr. Trump should continue doing what he is doing in foreign policy.

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