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The United States Is Threaten By A Multipolar World

The United States Is Threaten By A Multipolar World
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The world is starting to become more dangerous with emerging powers. The Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and North Koreans are all threats to the global order. China and Russia are the biggest threat to American influence. The Chinese have annexed the South China Sea and Russia has been in three major conflicts, which include the nations of Ukraine, Syria, and Georgia. These powers in the future will threaten the United States authority and influence in Europe and Asia. If there is a global war with Russia, China, and the United States, then what will be the Chinese and Russian military objectives, what are the United States objectives to counter Russia and China, and will the type of combat be proxy wars and not direct contact against each nation.

War Scenarios

The Russian objective in Europe is to ensure the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) does not approach the Russian border. Russia has already taken the steps needed to stop the NATO advancement by invading Georgia and Ukraine. The invasion of these nations have stopped NATO from putting these nations in NATO membership. However, once Russia fully conquers Georgia and Ukraine, If that’s there strategy, then what will be there next strategic move. The next step might be to invade Finland and Sweden to create a buffer zone. These are not part of the NATO alliance. The conquering of Ukraine, Finland, and Sweden will create the buffer zone for defense for Russia in the future. Belarus is an ally to Russia, which will help to create that buffer zone. This would be a significant military operation, which will increase tension in the region.

The counter to this aggressive military move by Russia would be to put Sweden and Finland in the NATO alliance. However, this would anger Russia, and it could give them the reason to take a military approach to prevent this from happening. The United States is already sending non-letha and lethal supplies to Ukraine to combat Russia. The best way to ensure that Russia won’t make further advancements into Ukraine is to send heavy military equipment to Ukrainian forces. On the other hand, a move that extreme might make Russia step up there military campaign in Ukraine. The Russians have made aggressive military moves in Europe, and China is too in Asia.

In Asia, China has annexed the South China Sea and reports are indicating an invasion of Taiwan by 2020. The invasion of Taiwan and the South China Sea will start to create a buffer zone between China and the United States. Their future military goal might be to invade other nations in the region to establish control and to remove American bases and influence. These goals might be achieved through economic warfare, conventional war, or both. However, not in direct contact with the United States. For example, in Syria, Russia, Iran, and Syria are all allies combating the United States and terrorist organizations, but the United States is also fighting in Syria, and some military generals want to establish a military base in Syria to keep a permeant present. The Chinese might conduct this type of strategy in Asia just like Russia annexing Crimea in Ukraine and Georgia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia region.

The United States strategy to combat China is to contain the Chinese threat. More military support should be sent to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam. The stronger military presence will make it difficult for China to advance in the region. The United States should also create a system of fitness standards for all men between the ages of 18-25 to prepare for future conflict.

The wars in the future will not be a direct conflict between the United States, Russia, and China because they all have access to nuclear weapons. It would be a bloody conflict to see each side fight each other; however, proxy wars are more likely to happen between these nations. For example, China might invade Taiwan and America will supply military equipment and economic aid to ensure Taiwan will not fall into Chinese hands. Russia might invade Finland, but America will provide military equipment and financial assistance to fight back against the Russian invasion. This concept of war is more likely as China becomes more powerful and Russia feels threatened by NATO expansion. On the other hand, sanctions on Russia is starting to hurt their economy, which will affect them from starting and maintaining a war. China might lose the trade war with America, which means they can no longer use its economic power to undermine America. China would have used its military forces to increase its influence.

In the end, the future of war with Russia and China is likely to happen. However, direct conflict with these nations are unlikely. Proxy wars will be seen across the globe to see which power can push out the United States influence and authority out Asia and Europe. America needs to prepare men and send military supplies and economic aid to allies to ensure they do not fall into Russian or Chinese hands.

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