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Would The United States Win If America Invades Syria

Would the United States win if America invades Syria
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The United States has many advantages if the government does decide to invade Syria. First, Syria is surrounded geographically by American allies. The Israelis are bordered by Syria and have been engaging with small conflicts with the Syrian government. Turkey is bordered by Syria, which is a NATO ally. America currently has troops stationed in the country, and the American Navy is outside the coast of Syria according to latimes.com.

The Americans along with its allies have surrounded Syria. Iraq which is also a U.S. ally might be used to fight against Syria. This means America has an excellent chance of defeating Assad, Russia, and Iran inside Syria. In the event of war, how will the United States defeat this nation?

The first step would be is to cut off supplies to the country. The way they would do this is to cut the sea lane from the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. This blockade would not allow Russia to enter the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to supply Syria with military supplies. Next beef up the border patrol in Iraq to ensure that Iran is not providing Syria with military aid and equipment.

The counter for Russia is either airlift supplies to Syria or ship supplies from the North Pole down to the Mediterranean Sea. Another way is to try to send supplies through Iraq to supply Syria. These counter moves would be costly for Russia in time, money, and lost of military equipment. America would hope for this result.

The Second step is to allow Turkey, Israel, and America to invade the country. By making the war look like a collation against an evil dictator; it will cut cost for these nations invading it, but also remove a Russian ally out of Syria. The United States will either put a pro-American backed government or puppet government to turn against Russia.

The counter for Russia is to convince Turkey that the United States is not supporting Turkey and is against Turkey by America supporting the Kurds. The United States government recently supplied weapons to the Kurds to fight against ISIS, but Turkey might see this as a threat because they classify the Kurds as a terrorist group according to nytimes.com. Second is to show the economic value Russia brings to Turkey. Russians spend about 3.5 billion dollars traveling to Turkey, which helps grow the economy according to bbc.com. Another fact is that 55 percent of Natural gas comes from Russia, which is supplied to Turkey according to the bbc.com. This is why it is important for Russia to kept close relations with Turkey because If Russia can convince Turkey not to blockade the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, then Russia would successfully still supply Syria with military equipment and aid.

This would mean Russia would have a fighting chance against America and Israel if Putin can change the mind of Turkeys President to support Russia. In the end, this is some examples of how the war might play out between these countries.

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