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US Military Strategy In Venezuela Has Failed to Remove Maduro From Power

The US Military Strategy In Venezuela Has Failed to Remove Maduro From Power
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The United States military strategy has failed in Venezuela.The removal of the Maduro regime is less likely to happen because of Chinese and Russian intervention. What are the main reasons America is having a difficult time removing a dictator from power? The International Mandatory Fund (IMF), same military tactics by the United States, and Chinese-Russia counter to American intervention.

The United States uses the International Mandatory Fund (IMF) to control nations. Most countries in the world have to use the dollar to conduct trade and business with other nations. However, governments must follow the policies of the United States. If nations go against Washington, then they can be sanctions. As a result, the country being sanction can not buy food, or medical supplies.

In Venezuela, Washington uses sanctions as their tactic to hurt the economy. As time goes on the people will suffer and blame the government for their troubles. Opposition groups will rise to overthrow the government in favor of the new government, which will promise relieve. The hope is a pro-United States government will be installed to follow Washingtons orders.

However, Russia has been able to counter the American regime change in Syria and is hoping to do the same in Venezuela. China is also moving in Venezuela to give economic support just like they’re doing in Syria. Russia provides military aid, while China provides economic support. The combination of this strategy will help keep Maduro in power checking Washington. The same tactic Washington has used in the past is finished.The United States has conducted the same military operation multiple times and China and Russia are figuring out how to counter Washington tactics.

China and Russia have the financial and military means to counter Washington. The old strategy of passing sanctions and hoping the country will overthrow its government is finished. As a result, the United States might have to become more military aggressive to counter the Chinese and Russian intervention in Washingtons affairs.

For example, it can take a page from Russia foreign policy and how it does not like the United States in its backyard. When Ukraine wanted to join the NATO alliance, Russia invaded the Eastern part of Ukraine and annexed the Crimea. As a result, Ukraine has not joined NATO. When Georgia wanted to join the NATO alliance, it was invaded by Russia annexing two regions by the Black Sea. Again Russia stopped NATO membership. Maybe if the United States was more aggressive in its foreign policy, it could prevent actions from China and Russia.

The main issue the United States has failed to prepare the nation for conflict. The Mainstream Media has failed to discuss the issue of Chinese and Russian influence in Central and South America. The Chinese and Russians do not have this issue compared to the United States. Russian propaganda has prepared the Russian people for war against the west. China is a communist government, so the people must obey the government at all times. An increase in aggressive foreign policy for the United States will be difficult since the country has been at war since 9/11/2001.

In the end, China and Russia have countered American military strategy successful in Syria and appears to be in Venezuela. The United States might have to become more aggressive in its foreign policy to counter the Chinese and Russian threat across the globe. However, if the American government fails, then Russia and China will become more aggressive in its foreign policy compared to the United States.

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