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President Obama lifted the arms embargo on Vietnam to counter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

America is working with its Asian allies to counter Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. The United States is providing weapons and other military support to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan to counter China in the region. This will hopefully create a buffer zone or contain China from further military aggression. What is America doing to prepare its self against Chinese aggression?

What if there was war in Asia tomorrow? Would America have enough man power to fight China, Russia, and North Korea at the same time? Well, that might be a possibility in the future. The American military is reducing its manpower from budget cuts. The deficit is at 20 trillion dollars and is continuing to climb higher and higher.

The scenario of a regional war is becoming more likely by the day. The United States is preparing its Asian allies by providing military support and aid. The fact that China continues to seize islands in the South China will surely increase tensions between America and China.

In this scenario, we are going to focus on China. China has a population of 1. 4 billion people, the largest population on Earth. China has the second largest economy right by America who is number 1. America is facing an adversary with great wealth and manpower. What should the policy be for America to counter this threat in a cheap way, while America has a deficit?

When a superpower is in decline (America) other powers will raise (China). It is human natural to dominate and be number 1 in the world. In reality, China might and mostly likely will become a power, which will threaten the United States and its Asian allies in the future. This type of warfare will be like World War II, Cold War, or both.

For example, the Vietnam War, when America invaded the country in the 1960s and the Afghanistan war when the Soviet Union invaded in the 1980s. The Soviet Union worked with North Vietnam to supply weapons and other aid. These supplies helped the North Vietnamese to fight against America throughout the conflict. In the end, America lost the war in Vietnam.

The Americans worked with the mujahideen to beat back the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. America supplied anti-craft missiles to shoot down Russian helicopters. The Russian’s eventually lost the war in Afghanistan, because of these weapons supplied by the Americas. Today, we might be facing a similar situation in Asia.

As we know, Japan is an American ally and is facing a great pressure from China. America is obliterated by treaty to defend Japan if invaded. In a worst case scenario, what if China invades Japan, would America send troops to defend Japan and would it turn into a proxy war between America and China in Japan. What if Japan is conquered and occupied by China, then the American homeland could be potential threaten?

The United States military spends 600 billion dollars a year. America pays its professional soldiers with great benefits, which cost a lot of money. The benefit of joining the military is education, pension, healthcare, housing, retirement, and other benefits.

This spending level cannot be sustained in the future. America is the one who enforces the law around the world or appears to enforce the laws around the world. If America does collapse from debt, then the United Nations (U.N.) collapses. With, no money to really fight wars in Asia it is important to pass a militia act.

Scenario: Example of Militia Act Policy

The United States military should press congress to remove gun control laws on the west coast and for all citizens of the following states in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska facing the Pacific Sea. The congress should create and pass a militia act for a cheap military solution to Chinese aggression. The military might want to consider a new strategy in the Pacific Sea. The South China Sea is becoming more dangerous by the day and America should prepare for the future.

In the past, the militia act of 1792 was passed to protect the homeland from invasion by Indian Tribes and the British. A new militia act should also be protected under the Second Amendment. There could be an argument made that every citizen living inside the state is technically in the state militia by default.

The National Guard might be in violation of the Second Amendment because it is not a militia by definition, but does not consist of all the citizens of the state; instead the National Guard is a professional force. The militia can be made to defend the country, but also work with the National Guard for warfare.

This concept of civilians being in the Arm Forces isn’t new. Before World War I, America had civilian training programs to train civilians to be in the military. The government would pay for everything. These students were not in the military, but they would receive military training. The camps would be run in the summer time. This prepared young men for life, but war too. Today, the government cannot afford to pay for a program like this.

A new militia act would be a cheap way to train many men for war. For example, the men would pay for their own handgun, assault rifle, body armor, and other equipment. The State or federal government would only pay for the ammunition, trainers, and the facilities.

It would be cheaper because the military isn’t paying for education, health care, retirement, housing, and pension. The people are basically paying for everything except, ammunition, trainers, and facilities, while training. When the training is over, then, of course, they will pay for their own ammunition and trainer if they want extra training.

The ages for the mandatory militia act, for example, 18-21, 18-25, 18-28, 18-30, and 18-35. The military should make this decision to choose the age group. The men would be mentally and physically prepared for conflicts if Asia starts to fall out of control. When the training is finish and they reach the age when they do not have to go to militia training every year, this group can also still be called for service if there is an extreme emergency.

The militia act would help to defend the homeland encase of an invasion on the West Coast. For offensive reasons, if there is a draft, then the men have already been trained and have purchased their own equipment, which will help Japan or other Asian allies under threat if attacked or invaded. The military would be prepared for ground offensives encase if further military expansion in Asia by China.

If there was ever a war with China, North Korea, and Russia, it might turn into proxy wars throughout Asia, which could become very dangerous. The United States and its allies would be fighting major conflicts in Asia, which could threaten Asian allies, but also the homeland of the United States.

This is why it should be important to beef up the defense on the shores of the West Coast. The militia act of these states is a cheap way to train for conscription for the draft or homeland defense for the West Coast.

America is continuing to send military ships close to Chinese man made reefs in the South China Sea. China is continually building its military bases in Asia, which can lead to war with China if China chooses to destroy a Navy vessel.

The Chinese might take a similar approach like Turkey did to Russia. When Russia flew into Turkey’s airspace the Turks shot down two Russian jets and killed one of the pilots. This is why it is important to boost manpower for conventional warfare.

Scenario: Example of Naval Strategy

The main strategy for the Navy should be to build a defensive perimeter for the homeland, but also an offensive strategy from these key locations. The strategy will be opposite from Japans strategy to defend its homeland during World War II.

The strategy would be able to move forces quickly from Hawaii, Midway, Aleutian Islands, and Alaska. The beautiful thing about this is Japan is our ally, unlike World War II. These locations should be a perfect position for defensive and offensive operations. The Navy and Air Force should make the proper strategy for their forces in these four positions.


This strategy will help America to be better prepared if there is a conflict in Asia. The militia act should be a cheaper way to train many troops. The reason is these are not professional troops; instead it is a civilian force with military training, but technically not in the military.

The professional troops cost more and are limited on manpower. The Army has 440,000 servicemen (active), which could hurt manpower if there is a major conflict in Asia. These forces are more meant to fight terrorism not a full conventional army in Asia. The 4 points of defense with Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Hawaii, and Midway will create a faster approach to Asia, but also create a defensive perimeter for the West Coast.

Example of militia training program

Militia training consists:

Men (mandatory) rifle training, handgun training, military tactics, and hand to hand combat. The militia should be trained for defensive tactics and for offensive tactics like hit and run and small targets.

1 month or 30 days once a year / 2 month or 60 days

Help support allies like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines and Twain with extra manpower. The militia would work together with the professional armies of Japan, Philippines, South Korea, and Twain for extra manpower.

The militia act will be a defensive alliance, for these states California, Alaska, Orange, Washington, and Hawaii. This is basically like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) but towards Asia instead of Europe.

This alliance would increase the safety of Asia. If Japan, Twain, or other nations are under threat, then the men in these states might be called for offensive operations to defend US allies and territory. The alliance should only be used for a defensive purpose.

This militia is not an elite professional army. This militia is for tons of manpower with some military training. As we know the population of China is 1.4 billion. This manpower can be overwhelming for any nation under attack.

The other purpose of this act would also create a psychological effect on enemies because every man in these states has military training. This will hopefully reduce the chance of conflict in Asia by not having any war.

America has been caught off guard before in the Pacific. When we look at history Pearl Harbor was a surprise attacked by Japan. Japan invaded Alaska and occupied the Aleutian Islands for a while until U.S. troops removed them. So, America should be prepared, even if there is no conflict to be seen.

Scenario: Chinese war strategies example (fantasy)

1.There is a natural disaster that causes damage to California. This natural disaster can be an Earthquake, which causes a tsunami. This disaster can be very bad because it can allow China to take the opportunity to invade a neighboring country. This is one reason it is important to have manpower ready to go in case of this situation.

2. China might have secret underground military installations that are training millions of men for combat. The military of China is 2.3  million active, but in reality, the number is higher than what they say. Instead, it might be 10 million trained for military combat.This manpower can overrun Twain or South Korea if North Korea teams up with China. Another important factor America needs to have train manpower ready to go.

3.The Chinese launch a cyber attack killing power to Hawaii, Alaska, and the rest of the West Coast. This power outage can seriously destroy the power grid for weeks. This can possibly even stop nuclear bombs because the passwords have been stolen by the cyber attack. The power outage can destroy the economy and this will allow China to make their move. This is why it is important to prepare right now if all these scenarios happen.

This article is to make you alert about the serious situation that is currently going on in Asia. All this article is made to do is to prepare for a military strategy. This might never happen, but encase it does here is a cheap strategy that can be implemented to prepare citizens physically and psychologically for conflict.


Some Gun Control laws removed

(Mandatory) Training

Military readiness


Background Check

Mental health list

(Mandatory) Training

Military readiness

Prepare citizens:

Draft (federal) offensives/defensive

Terrorism in (homeland)

Invasion of (homeland)

Physical/psychological prepared for war

Payment for militia program for these states:

  1. Legalization of Prostitution
  2. Legalization of Weed
  3. Cutting prison sentences to 25 years (maximum penalty)
  4. Legalization of the War on drugs
  5. Remove mostly all gun control from these states
  6. Defense industrial selling to civilian market
  7. All of the above

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