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If Their is War In Venezuela Which Country Will Benefit From the Conflict Russia China or America

If Their is War In Venezuela Which Country Will Benefit From the Conflict Russia China or America
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The situation in Venezuela is becoming more severe by the day. The United States, Russia, and China all have interest in Venezuela. The Russians want a military base in La Orchila for their Tu-160 plane for refilling purposes, the Chinese have been helping Venezuela with launching communication satellites into space, the Chinese also been providing arm sells to Venezuela. On the other hand, the United States does not want Russian military bases, or Chinese influence, so close to American shores. However, Russia and China want to be close to the American Homeland for strategic purposes. Of course, natural resources can be gain because Venezuela has vast oil resources. The goal of the United States is to remove president Maduro from power and establishing a pro-western government under Juan Guaido, while Russia and China want to keep Maduro in power to maintain their strategic interest.

The United States has been putting sanctions on Venezuela to cause economic hardship. These sanctions have affected medical supplies and now recently oil. As a result, the economy of Venezuela is hurting the average Venezuelan, the government, and Maduro’s rule. Since the economic situation is terrible in Venezuela there has been civil unrest among the people. These graphic pictures played by the media will allow America to make the case to the American people to remove Maduro from power. The fact that he is an unwise leader that is destroying his own country. The United States government is telling Maduro to step down to be replaced by Juan Guaido. The United States claim Juan Guaido is the interim president, which might suggest American backing; however, there is no proof. The Russians and Chinese agree Maduro is the president of Venezuela. If the United States is successful in removing Maduro from power, then Juan Guaido will make deals with Washington instead of Moscow or Beijing. It helps push these great powers out of one South American country and remove them close to the American shores. Of course, that is the hope for the United States. Russia and China do not want this result.

Instead, the Russian’s and Chinese need Maduro to stay in power to keep business going like usual. The Russian military base is being built on the island of La Orchila to provide Russia a base in South America. China has invested billions of dollars and wants to keep selling military equipment to Venezuela. China and Russia are trying to fight back against the United States for being in its back yard. In Asia, China is surrounded by American influence and military bases. For example, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines have American military bases, or influence to contain China. Russia sees America trying to remove a Russian ally in Syria and trying to establish NATO countries close to its border. For example, Ukraine and Georgia were going to join the NATO alliance, but Russia invaded to stop this threat. If Russia and China can establish military bases in Venezuela, then America will get a taste of how Russia and China feel about a superpower being at their front door. However, it is only possible if Russia and China can keep Venezuela out of American hands and influence. If Russia and China can’t, then the United States will have a significant victory in keeping great powers out of one South America country close to American shores.

In the end, the United States, Russia, and China are competing against each other. Venezuela could turn into a proxy war between great powers and superpower. Each side has a lot to gain and lose. If the United States win, then America is safe from Russia and China being close to American shores. If China and Russia win, then China and Russia could have military bases in South America close to the United States, which can threaten the homeland of the United States. Only time will tell to see, which side will win or lose.

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