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When Will World War III Start

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The United States is being challenged all over the globe. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are most likely working together to stop American influence around the world. These nations want to destroy America by using strategic strategy to bring the downfall of the United States.

Russia: By the end of 2017 Russia will be able to claim a victory in Syria over ISIS.Putin’s strategy of keeping Assad in power has helped him keep the whole country together, while at the same time allow Putin to keep his airbase (Khmeimim) and seaport (Tartus). The war in Syria also allowed Russia to gain military experience. Russia today has a stronger air force, navy, and special forces because of the Syrian conflict. This will allow them to have an experienced force to invade other countries.

The United States Lost: What this means to the United States is a lost opportunity to remove Assad from power, which American influence will not spread deeper inside the Middle East. Instead, Middle Eastern countries will most likely ask Russia for help in case if there is a conflict with the United States or Western Allies.This might get Russia new influence in the Middle East.

China: The Chinese military is expanding across the globe. The Chinese just put a new military base in Djibouti Africa according to newsweek.com. The Chinese military in 2015 spent 215 billion dollars to make they’re military more modern according to reuters.com. They have successfully taken over the South China Sea with no consequences. They are trying to undermine the US dollar by trying to make the yuan the next international currency with their BRICS bank. Some experts claim that the BRICS bank will destroy the US dollar or that it will limit the power of the United States from passing sanctions by using the US dollar as the global currency. They have plans to invade Taiwan by 2020 according to popularmechanics.com. Their second aircraft carrier is now in service, and more are being built. China is expanding, and for now, it might be peaceful, but what about the future?

United States Counter: The way America can combat against China is to remove corruption in Washington DC. Trump is doing a good job of being more aggressive with the military towards North Korea, but it has to include China. By removing corruption, we eliminate wasteful spending from our military, which means it will go towards the things the military needs.

Iran & North Korea
There are new reports that Iran and North Korea are working together. Iran is providing missile and nuclear technology, while North Korea is supplying nuclear technology and weapons to North Korea. This shows an alliance, which is not a good sign. Both countries are heavily sanctioned, but they continue to build their nuclear and missile program, which is a threat to the United States and surrounding countries according to tabletmag.com. On the other hand, some experts find that Iran and North Koreas behavior is entirely standard because American influence surrounds them, These nations are building these programs because they feel surround and need a way to defend themselves.

The United States Responds: Keep doing what we are doing. By keeping Iran and North Korea surround by American influence, they become less of a threat. They’re using their nuclear weapons and missile program for deterrence.

These nations are growing in power by the day, and eventually, they will try to challenge America in the future. Let’s try to stop them now before they become too much of a threat and try to remove the America empire.

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