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Will America Invade Syria

Will America invade Syria
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On April 7, 2017, the President of the United States confirmed to the world that he had launch 59 cruise missiles inside Syrian territory.

The Destroyers USS Porter and Ross were off the coast of Syria and were successful by hitting military targets at the Shayrat airfield taking out, aircraft, ammunition supply bunkers, hardened hangars, radar and air defense systems according to usatoday.com. The reason beyond this attack was to response to the gas attacks that killed 80 children by the Assad regime. At the same time, while the assault was going on, the President was having dinner with the Chinese President. Of course, this was to show that Trump was sending a message to the Chinese President, Russia, North Korea and Syria. A new President is in office and is willing to use force during his Administration to make a deal.

Some say, this attack was reckless and was thoughtless in its manner, but others think it was the proper decision. The people who didn’t like the decision argue why the Syrian government would use chemical weapons when Assad was winning the conflict and why would he bring all that attention to his regime. According to newsweek.com, the Russian and Syrian government did not use chemical weapons instead; it was the terrorist organizations who used these weapons to kill these civilians. According to the history of the Syrian government, President Assad who has been fighting a civil war has used Chemical weapons in the past to kill his people, but ISIS has been known to use chemical weapons in Iraq to fight the Iraqi military.

Both sides have a valued answer which they can use to blame each other, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What is important is how the Syrian government is going to response along with Russia and China. They might see this missile strike that the United States government is willing to use force to negotiate a deal. As the Chinese president was heading back to China, he probably notices that a US aircraft carrier was being sent to the Korea peninsula.

Altogether these events will change the minds of our adversaries. Russia will have to worry if they go to war with the United States. President Assad would have to worry if he will stay in power, China will worry about the South China Sea, and North Korea might worry that the Chinese might have back stab North Korea. Trump just met with the Chinese president, and there was an aircraft carrier close to North Korea. Donald Trump’s military action might have helped America become stronger in the world.

The Syrian crisis has helped the United States and Donald Trump to bring back America to a superpower status. The attack on Syria and more military force against Korea are affecting adversaries. Donald Trump has shown good foreign policy judgment towards these enemies. These attacks should change the minds of countries who think they can take on the United States militarily.

The Trump Administration should beware of the danger of expanding a new war in the Middle East in Syria. If the United States government decides to launch a full-scale war in the Middle East America can become stuck in the Middle East. If this strategy becomes a reality then North Korea, China or both can make their military expansion. On the other hand, maybe it would be a good time to start a war against China and Russia.

Remember America is a declining superpower, China is a raising power, North Korea is getting closer to a more powerful nuclear bomb, and Russia is expanding its military influence around the world. Maybe it is best to start a world war to destroy these growing powers. If they are not destroyed now, then they will try to destroy the United States in the future.

While everyone is weak or still growing as powers, maybe it’s good time that we all fall together at the same time, so there will be no more superpowers or great powers. Trying to fix Americas 20 trillion dollar deficit will be hard to fix now and in the future. Today we continue to borrow from other countries.

If are debt situation is not fixed now. Eventually, we will collapse, and other powers will take our place and control the world. Of course, we can take out these growing powers out now, but we will all fall together. In this way, no country will be on top instead it will reset the global order. The United States chooses to go with this strategy and makes it policy then America should get prepared for a major war.

America should pass a militia act cheaper than passing a draft and then pass a policy to let illegal immigrants into the military to receive citizenship for volunteer duty according to upfrontpolitics.com. Last, allow criminals to service in the army instead of going to prison. These are cheap ways to expand military manpower for war in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Let’s hope that America’s financial situation get fixes and diplomacy with other countries work out, so there doesn’t have to be any World War III.

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