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Will California become a Sanctuary State

Will California be a Sanctuary State
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The Trump Administration wants to get rid of any illegal immigrants that have committed a crime. Kevin De Leon from California seems not to have received that message from the Trump Administration. Kevin de Leon wants to make California a Sanctuary State. Leon says, “If they got a false Social Security card, false identification, a fake driver’s license, a fraudulent green card who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some false identification.” This was his reasoning for supporting illegal immigration, but according to the law.

Social Security fraud can be a $10,000 fine, and imprisonment could be up to 15 years. “Section 1546 of the United States Criminal Code (18 U.S.C. § 1546) makes it a criminal offense to use, attempt to use, possess, obtain, or acquire any fraudulent document knowing that it was made or obtained unlawfully.” Depending if it is your first offense you could be fined between $275 or $5,500, so isn’t that breaking the law, Leon says it is not a crime. Not having citizenship is also breaking the law.

Kevin de Leon says “California values Act, prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detector arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.”  The California act needs to be repealed; local law enforcement should be able to stop an illegal immigrant from breaking the law. We do not want an 18-year man and a 17-year-old to rape a 14-year-old girl again, just like in Rockville High School.

If California decides to become a sanctuary state the consequences of that action means California could lose its federal funding. That means retirement benefits, non-retirement benefits, grants, contracts, salaries, and wages. California receives about $340 million dollars, cutting $340 million dollars would leave California bankrupt, that would leave kids starving because parents wouldn’t be able to get food stamps, and families will be forced on the streets because rent will go up. Retirement plans, such as 401k would get destroyed; people would leave California and lose more money. All because Leon thinks it is the right thing to do when it is not, it hurts American citizens. The state debt in California is over $777,918,403,000 in 2012 by now it probably exceeds that. Any federal aid is helpful!

He also says half of his family is illegal, how is this okay? He is breaking the law. “The penalty for harboring an illegal immigrant is a fine and imprisonment up to five years, which is a felony offense. The penalty for alien smuggling is a fine and up to ten years in prison, which is also a felony offense. Where the crime causes serious bodily injury or places the life of any person in jeopardy, the penalty is a fine and up to 20 year’s imprisonment.”  I don’t get why he would be still in office if he is breaking all these laws, he should be in prison for harboring illegal aliens. The sad thing he is in power and if he is successful with his bill Americas will lose in California.

Jobs would be given to illegal immigrants leaving American citizens out of work. The different types of jobs that will seriously be put in jeopardy from illegal immigration are construction workers, gardeners, mechanics, and SEO. Illegal immigration will cut down the price of labor, which will hurt all those jobs and will hurt the economy in California.

Democrats sent Trump and the attorney general obstinate ethical message that California will stand with illegal immigrants in California communities. By passing Leon’s bill through the state Senate 27-12.  The democrats mix up their message, by declining to make an effort to judge between felons criminals, take them away and allegedly not so dangerous criminals to let them stay. According to Assembly Republicans, “The latter category includes people convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, human trafficking, and other significant crimes.” Enforcing those laws are not a big issue for the Democrats. The Democrats just want to talk about how crazy and terrible the Trump Administration is. This is all they care about.

If California does become a sanctuary state, it will be like Detroit. Having debt that is over eight hundred billion dollars is a significant issue that should be taken care of immediately. Spending over $113 billion dollars on illegal immigration is a very high rate that American citizens are paying for across the country. If California loses federal funding; we would see a significant increase in illegal immigration in the state because they know it will be harder to be deported in California. There would be more crimes like stealing green cards, raping, murder, and all the above. Not all illegal immigrants are bad, but you need to get your citizenship. Having a Senate leader that is breaking the law should be prohibited. The Democrats are willing to take all these risks, leaving thousands of people that don’t want illegal’s immigrants might make people move out of California.

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