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Will There be Space Warfare Against The Great Powers Or Some Other Entity From the Sky

Will There be Space Warfare Against The Great Powers Or Some Other Entity From the Sky
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The Chinese, Russians, and Americans are becoming advance in their military and civil space capabilities by the day. These space capabilities, which each nation possess will be used in the future to win future military conflicts against each military power. China just successfully landed Chang’e-4 on the dark side of the Moon. Putting China in competition with Russia and America. However, on the surface it appears to be fighting between China, Russia, and America, but these nations might be preparing for an alien invasion of Earth.

The Trump Administration on June 18, 2018, announced the creation of the space force. The space force is supposed to be the 6th branch of the military. By 2020, the new space force should be operating. It is amazing just in two years the space force should have troops and other military equipment. That is a very fast timetable to have a military space force up and running. The biggest question is it to combat China and its increasing space capabilities, or is it to face an alien threat?

The Chinese have been advancing their military capabilities and space program. Recently, China landed the Chang’e-4 on the far side of the moon. In the future, the Chinese are hoping to put bases on the moon. If China is successful with establishing bases on the moon, then it will have a military edge against Russia and America.

On the other hand, if America put men on the moon back on July 20, 1969, Apollo 11, then why hasn’t the United States established military bases? The United States should have already a military advantage against Russia and China. There might be secret or classified military bases on the moon that America has already established, the moon landing was fake, or there is something else on the moon. For example, aliens do not allow humans on the moon, since the Apollo missions ended in 1972, which America never returned to the moon since.

In the end, Russia, China, and America might not be competing against each other but preparing. These nations have excellent space capabilities if they combine their forces to defend Earth, however, there might be no alien invasion, and each nation is trying to beat each other in space warfare.

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