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Will $15 Dollar Minimum Wage Destroy California

Will $15 dollar minimum wage destroy California
Posted: May 19, 2017 at 1:13 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The State of California has passed a law requiring all businesses to pay $15 an hour for the new minimum wage requirement.

Why is California’s minimum wage going to be $15 an hour? Well, there are many reasons why the state has chosen to increase it. The State will argue that the minimum increase will help people to make enough money so that citizens can make a living wage. On the other hand, is California just playing the people for stupid?  This minimum wage increase will only affect small business owners and not big cooperations.

In 2022 minimum wage will be $15 an hour if the business has more than 26 employees, however, if they have fewer than 25 employees than it will be $14. It will be $15 in 2023 so either way; it’s going to be $15. Companies that have 25, 26, 27, 28; close to the number 25, most likely the employees will be let go. Small businesses will have less to spend and will spend less on their company. Jerry Brown signed this legislation into law, which will affect small businesses.

Jerry Brown wrote this statement to Congress,” thinking the minimum wage would help people and make family’s able to support their children is not just an economic equation,” calling labor “part of living in a moral community.” “Morally and socially and politically, the (minimum wages) makes every sense because it binds the community together and makes sure that parents can take care of their kids in a much more satisfactory way.” By 2022 the people that are working will be making $20,000 to $30,000 a year. This means businesses will have to raise the prices of their products, or anything that they may be selling.

Jerry Brown DOES NOT have enough experience to know that raising the wage will hurt the people more and have less effect on the community. Brown should go to small businesses and ask what is the right salary, how can good policy making improve more business, and how can those policies help to hire more employees. He hasn’t done that, instead, he has raised gas prices, which will affect the wage. This means you are paying more and now working more. We want to create jobs not get rid of small businesses. The corporations will be fine because they can afford to keep their big businesses running.  The reason why corporations might support a 15 dollar minimum wage is because it removes small businesses and allows big corporations to take their place. This is why the governor and senators might support this increase because it is in the interest of the corporations. This policy is smart in their eyes to destroy smalls businesses.

Small companies will stop employing workers in California because they are not going to pay an employee $15. No one wants to pay that high price for labor. The workers that are making $15 an hour or the people that have higher wages than that are companies going to give their employees a raise? I’ve have talked to a few individuals, and they say they would want a rise because it wouldn’t be fair if they are close to making minimum wage. Instead, illegal immigrants might benefit from this increase in the minimum wage.

Illegal immigrants who come to California might work without work visas and make their money to bring back to their country, so it doesn’t circulate back to the economy. Illegal immigrants bring the wages down,for example, when the price of minimum wage used to be $10 the costs of labor would be cut in half. Why doesn’t the state government work on removing illegal immigrants to increase wages for American workers? Politicians might raise the minimum wage to show that they are working on the problem when they are not.  The problem is cheap labor from illegal immigration.

They just don’t take away farming jobs, but they take away every type of a job. All of these illegal immigrants come from, Russia, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe, and all around the world. Moving them back to their country cost us money. 27% of illegal immigrants live in California; we have children and adults that cost almost $31 billion dollars a year on illegal immigrants, $7,352 per alien. The state budget is about $171 billion dollars. We spend more on illegal immigrants than our citizens, isn’t that the right thing to do is to help your people and then others? When it comes to maintaining illegal immigrants, it costs us.

Education spending is about $16 billion dollars for illegal immigrants, health care is about 4 billion dollars on illegal immigrants, Remittance Payments is about $41 billion, People that commit crimes that are illegal is about $4.4 billion dollars, and that is only half of the things we spend our money on. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol should clean all this up and start to focus on American citizens, giving back jobs to citizens that want jobs and want to work. That would leave the minimum wage alone and fix most of the problems we have in California. Michael McDonald Said, “The economic impact of illegal immigration in the U.S. is costly and affects the financial security of the county’s legal residents. This impact plays out in some ways. Illegal Immigration Reduces Wages those unregulated workers are often underpaid, which keeps wages lower in a particular occupation and region Illegal aliens can put a financial burden on local and federal law enforcement.”

Having unemployment creates less money that goes into the economy. People that on welfare, state help, and other government assist: this means people are not finding high wage jobs. So, Jerry Brown thinks $15 an hour is going to help.

Every county has different wages because the state uses the advance salary to support the household needs and the cost of living. The minimum wage in San Francisco is $13 as of January 1st, 2016, Berkeley city wage is $12.53 an hour, Cupertino city wage is $12.00. San Diego wage is $10.50 an hour as of January 1, 2017. All these jurisdictions have different wages because the cost of each place is different.

In conclusion, Jerry Brown is going to make the wage go up, and it is going to hurt the California economy.  Illegal immigrants take more than 50% of the taxpayer’s money. All of it adds up, and it is sickening to see how much we spend on them. In the begging of 2023, $15 is going to take effect. It is going to ruin small companies and is going to have fewer companies come to California. The unemployment rate is going to rise, and it’s going to destroy the Californian economy.

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